Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

Tired of customers adding products to their cart, reaching the checkout but leaving right before completing their purchase? Do you wish that you could stop customers at the door and incentivise them to return to buy your great products? Well, you can… 

By utilising an abandoned cart Magento extension, your website can send follow up emails to your customers who have abandoned their cart. This will give them the opportunity to return to your store with their cart recovered and ready to take to the checkout.

The average abandoned cart rate is 68%. There are many reasons why customers abandoned their cart – customers can get distracted, their internet connection might be problematic, or there might be a technical issue occurring on your website. It is crucial to retain these customers, particularly if the reason for them abandoning their cart was not due to dissatisfaction with your store.

What Are Some Of The Abandoned Cart Email Benefits?

Improved Conversion Rates & Revenue

The most obvious benefit is an improved conversion rate that increases the overall revenue for your online store. A Magento abandoned cart extension has the ability to send automated triggered emails that can:

  • Simply remind customers of the products they left (to reach out to forgetful customers)
  • Cross or upsell relevant items or incentivise them with discount codes (to motivate price-conscious customers) 
Enhance Customer Relationships

With personalised messages, product recommendations and the chance for customers to seek help or provide feedback, abandoned cart emails improve the customer’s experience. This improves the relationship with your brand and ultimately increases the likelihood of the customer returning to your site to make a purchase.

Features Of The Magento Abandoned Cart Extension

There is a range of fantastic extensions available for installation on your website now. Choose which features you want and we will recommend and customise an extension that fits your needs.

Recover your loss and extend your opportunities with a Magento extension today.

  • Compatible with Magento 1 & 2
  • Customisable email templates
  • Track conversions with Google analytics and extension statistics
  • Send multiple follow up messages
  • One-click cart restoration
  • Subscription options
  • Up-sells, cross-sells, and related products
  • Compatible with other Magento extensions
  • Coupon codes and discounts
  • Subscription options
  • Customisable delay period between reminders
  • Flexible scheduling options 

How Do Abandoned Cart Emails Work?

For abandoned cart emails to be triggered, your website needs to capture the customer’s email address during the purchasing process. Most commonly, customers will provide this information when they fill out the customer information section in the cart or checkout page of your site. At this point, your website marries the customer’s email address to their recent session history, saving the products that were added to their cart.

Then, at a certain point, after the customer has abandoned their cart (which you can decide), your website will send the customer an abandoned cart email.

How Do I Implement Abandoned Cart Emails?

If you want to add the abandoned cart email functionality to your Magento eCommerce website, there are a variety of Magento abandoned cart extensions in the marketplace that are available for installation. 

At Realize Online, we are Melbourne Magento experts who specialise in Magento web development. We have completed numerous abandoned cart Magento extension developments that have ranged from simply installing abandoned cart extensions, to heavily customised abandoned cart extension developments involving custom email templates and statistics tracking.

Contact Realize Online today to discuss how we can help you improve your Magento eCommerce site with an abandoned cart Magento extension today!