10 Reasons For Choosing Magento

10 Reasons For Choosing Magento


Magento is a powerful web platform that is applauded by businesses around the world. Realize Online can provide you with experienced Magento web developers who will create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing website for your business. Firstly though, let’s learn why Magento could be the right choice for you.

1: Strong security

Magento is highly secure and it can offer your business complete protection. When you invest in a website you want to know that it will be safe, Magento employs a full team of security professionals to offer you this. 

2: Certified developers

Magento offers a certified developer program and many developers are available to you. When you choose Magento you will have access to competent professionals who can create you a Magento website exactly how you dream it should be.

3: Magento for mobile

Magento offers a diverse number of themes that are responsive and suitable for mobile and tablet devices. Responsive designs for various user devices like a mobile, tablet and desktop are essential when building a successful website, Magento can help you do just this.

4: SEO friendly

Search engine optimisation starts with the design of your website and for achieving great SEO, Magento is an excellent choice.  The admin dashboard allows you to alter meta tags, XML sitemaps, nofollow and noindex commands, pagination and other features required for optimising your website for search engine visibility. 

5: Third party integration

Do you want your website to integrate with E-bay, PayPal, Google Analytics and Google Shopping? Magento is a powerful e-commerce solution and can provide you with third party software integration.

6: High performance

Magento is open source which means that it can undergo advanced configurations. When you choose Magento you can create a website to serve the needs of your business so you don’t have to adapt your business to the restrictive design of your website.

7: Multi-Stores

If you are operating a number of e-commerce stores, Magento will allow you to manage them from the same admin panel. This is efficient, easy and proactive. Work efficiently with your e-commerce business.

8: Scalable 

Whether you are a tiny business or a large corporation, Magento can scale to meet your needs. Also, if you are planning on starting small and expanding your business operations later on, Magento could be the perfect solution for you.

9: E-commerce solutions

Magento is the world’s preferred e-commerce solution and there is a huge range of features that are included to help your business succeed in operating an online store.

10: Open source

There is no licence cost for Magento community and developers can customise Magento to suit the exact needs of your business. This makes Magento an excellent choice for unique or tailored websites or when extreme flexibility is required.