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17 Creative AdWords Ideas for eCommerce Websites that aren’t too whacky.


So, we know that it can be tough to really utilise an AdWords account. But there’s actually lots of ways you can be creative and stand out! Here are our top 17 creative AdWords ideas for eCommerce websites:


1. The best of the best. Sir!

Focus on your best selling products at the start.


2. Shake your long tail feather

Use long tail keywords with a lower amount of competition. They will attract qualified customers who are more likely to buy!


3. Brand life.

Use your brand in your keywords if your business is a well-known brand.


4. You want it? WE have it!

Get specific in your Ad – use product type terms like specific styles, sizes, makes and models.


5. Numero Uno

Use numbers in your ads! A lot of successful ads make their ads stand out by including a number to break up the text.


6. What’s your sign?

Use ASCII characters in your ads. These are the characters/codes that represent text in computers. Make your ad stand out with ASCII characters like the percent sign (%), plus sign (+) and asterisks (*) etc.


7. Everyone loves a bargain.

Include a solid offer in your ad. Entice your customers. You can do it!


8. Just do it!

Write a call to action – Now’s the time to be direct. Tell people what they should do eg. ‘Buy one today’.


9. Get yo number.

Put your phone number in the ad as another call to action. This works especially if you are in the medical industry as people may feel more comfortable speaking to someone directly.


10. Pump yourself up!

Include stats and proof that shows your credibility eg. 10,000+ ‘Returning Customers’.


11. Show them what they want.

Use the Display URL to reinforce what you’re offering by adding the specific service or product after the URL eg. “/Adwords_Services”. A lot of people ignore the Display URL, but it can be a good place to expand the messaging in your ads.


12. Quote Crazy.

Everyone loves a good quote. It’s also a great way to draw attention.


13. Question?

Including a question incites curiosity. Add a question in your description.


14. ‘But what do I get out of it?’

Speak to your customers’ End Goal – Focus on what they’re looking to gain or achieve from your product or service eg. Look fabulous this Saturday night!


15. FOMO is your friend.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Phenomena is real. Use countdown timers to trigger loss aversion.


16. Hey you…

Get a little personal – The most effective word in an ad would be the customer’s name however coming in second is the word “you.”


17. Where you at?

Create hyper-local ads- this will help you pull in local customers who will learn your location and will be more likely to visit with the knowledge that you’re right around the corner.


There you have it folks! 17 creative tips that will add an extra skip in your step when you are optimizing your AdWords campaigns for your eCommerce website!


About Author: Hayley Jennings is one of our digital marketing specialists at Realize Online and is passionate about helping clients get in front of their competitors and target customers using strategic AdWords campaigns. Realize Online is a great source of information and has the capability to help you at every step of the online marketing process. Please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.