3 eCommerce SEO Tips to Help Your Store Rank Better in 2015

3 eCommerce SEO Tips to Help Your Store Rank Better in 2015


Do you have an eCommerce website that needs more customers but you’re not sure where to start? eCommerce SEO is a great way to increase Google rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website, but it must be done with best practices in mind.

Here are 3 eCommerce SEO tips that will help you achieve higher search engine authority and traffic:


Don’t use the manufacturer product descriptions

Using product descriptions that manufacturers provide is a common and costly mistake. By using the manufacturers’ product descriptions, which lots of your competitors are using, you are simply publishing “duplicate content”. Having duplicate content on your website is something frowned upon by Google and causes reduced online visibility.

By avoiding copied descriptions and writing unique and more useful product descriptions, you will not only be rewarded by Google with higher rankings, you will also stand out from your competitors.


Blog! And position yourself as an industry authority

Google loves giving higher rankings to eCommerce sites that regularly publish high quality and engaging blog articles. Producing trustworthy content will not only help you rank for relevant long-tail keywords and other important keywords but will also help engage and answer your visitors’ questions, solve their problems and help them make decisions. In turn this will help Google see you as an industry authority and will reward you with higher search engine visibility.


Optimise your store for mobile devices

Ensuring that your eCommerce website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices is vital for a number of reasons. With mobile searches on the rise, Google has stamped down on non mobile-friendly websites and have recently released the dreaded algorithm infamously known as “Mobilegeddon”. This algorithm specifically targets sites that have issues with their mobile experience, playing a significant role in Google rankings.

If your site doesn’t resize properly, has text that is difficult to read or has buttons that are too small on mobile devices, your users will quickly become frustrated and leave your site. This is exactly the kind of experience Google wants to eliminate and as a result they will penalise you with a lower engine visibility until your site is up to standard.

TIP – Check if your site meets Google’s mobile-friendly criteria here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


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