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5 StartUp Branding Trends to Watch in 2019

How a Digital Marketing Agency can kickstart a StartUp

How a Digital Marketing Agency can kickstart a StartUp

With a DM Agency on your side and you could be one step ahead of the competition.

Having a partner working with you, especially if you’re in the cut-throat world of StartUps, is a considerable business advantage.

It would be great to have a crystal ball to see what StartUp trends will work in the future. No-one does but there are some very likely avenues for branding throughout the year.

Here are 5 of the most powerful startup trends in 2019:



The ability to show rather than tell your customers what they can expect from your products and services is a key to success.

Even Google is including art and illustration into its own onboarding processes.


2019 branding trends



Stripping things back often makes the overall picture clearer. It’s the same with branding. Too much clutter is a recipe for confusion. Knowing who you are and what you offer is critical for you and your target market. This is one of the most important StartUp trends in 2019. If your customers encounter a complicated or complex process, you could lose them. It’s that ruthless.



The younger generation of employees is fast becoming a social conscious bloc. Their buying power is growing and they are able to demand an increase in ethical and ideological from the brands in their sphere. With a volatility in this audience, brand marketing needs to be mindful of social issues and their standing in the political spectrum.



In a world of jargon, double-speak and robocalls, it’s no wonder that there is a growing trend for something personal and genuine. This goes beyond an email that has the name of the person in the greeting – it is about showing that you know your market on a personal, if possible, one-on-one level.



Following on from the genuine and personal is brand marketing that has true meaning. Forget any overstatements or overpromising – just a meaningful result that is achievable.



Trends, Fads or Customer Service Failures

There are varying ideas of what 2019 branding trends will be the most effective. Let’s take a look at Chatbots as an example.

It’s hard to argue with the growth in Chatbots.

The potential for automation increases by the day. One of the problems is that your customers are looking for shortcuts to what they want (information, appointment, sale, etc.) Some Chatbots make the whole process a maze rather than an amazing experience.

If a customer feels they’ve been fooled, they won’t be your customer for long. When you’re looking for a meaningful conversation, the last thing you want is cold, automated interaction.

The focus should always be on your customers and servicing all their needs. Unless your Chatbot is added to their experience, it is worthwhile revisiting the role they are playing in your line of business.

Whatever StartUp trends in 2019 you adopt, it’s important to ask yourself two questions.

  • Will this sales or marketing tool be effective?
  • Does it make sense to the customer and to my business?

The increase in A I and machine learning will only grow. Making sure that your site’s visitors are converted to buying customers is the bottom line.


Timing & Care are still essential

In the B2B environment, it’s crucial to work out your timing. With email marketing, a strategic approach that follows a set timeline works wonders. As always, your sales and marketing need to work hand-in-hand.

It is even more important for brands to be extremely careful with their customers’ data. There’s been a long list of privacy scandals and data breaches over the last 18 months. Facebook is still struggling with repairing its reputation and it might never be a trusted source again.

There can be confusion about the various 2019 branding trends.

Transparency is critical to building and nurturing trust in your brand. 

If you’re a StartUp, following an ongoing research and planning schedule is a key to success. Whatever approach you take in the future, stay on top of any problem users are having. If you can find a problem and solve it, then you become a trusted source.

Solving a need will help you succeed.

Wherever you are in the world, grab each chance to impress and engage a potential client.


2019 branding trends


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