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5 Step Online Marketing Process for Physiotherapists

As a physiotherapist you know that in order for the human body to function to the best of it’s ability all the parts must be in alignment. Well, it is the same for your Online Marketing. All components of the online marketing mix need to be properly assessed and implemented in order for your business to reap the rewards.


As a physiotherapist you know that in order for the human body to function to the best of it’s ability all the parts must be in alignment. Well, it is the same for your Online Marketing. All components of the online marketing mix need to be properly assessed and implemented in order for your business to reap the rewards.

To help you understand the online marketing mix I have put together The 5 Step Process for Online Marketing for Physiotherapists.


1. Build Your Strategy:

• Define your niche

• Understand your target market

• Develop a content strategy

In order to build your online marketing strategy you need to have a solid understanding of your business goals, your vision, your specialisation and the type of clients you want to attract. Once you have these elements clearly defined you can work on a content strategy that reflects your clinic and is consistent across all areas where your clients interact with your clinic (touch points). Thus engaging the type of clientele you want. Don’t forget that your staff reflect your business so make sure you share your vision and your goals with all your staff so you are all beating the same drum!


2. Be Found:

• Website

• Google Places

• Directory Listings


• Google AdWords

• Social Media

Build your website and then drive traffic to it. Your website must be designed in line with your branding, target market and content strategy. It must also be designed with the knowledge that just building the website won’t automatically drive traffic to it – “build it and they will come” no longer works so your website must be set up with the following elements in mind; usability, mobile friendly interface, SEO, blog, data capture form, links to social media and easy to access contact information. Your website is always a work in progress and must be thought of as such. Once your website has been launched, you must invest in online marketing channels that drive traffic. To get the most exposure you should have all elements optimised and working at the same time. Having all your ducks in a row will maximise your digital “real estate” and increase your reach. It will also provide a consistency across all touch points with your clinic.


3. Convert Leads to Sales:

• Calls to action

• Create relevant content

• Build a database

• Follow up with potential leads

Once your ideal client has found you, you need to make sure that they follow through and make that appointment. One thing that you need to be aware of is that not everyone that has visited your website is at the point where they are ready to “buy”. For those that are ready to make that booking, make sure that your website makes this as easy for them as possible with a clear call to action like “click here to make a booking”, an easy booking process and information and images that build instant trust. For those that aren’t ready to make that decision, make sure you capture their data so you can follow up. Data capture can be done by giving away something of value in exchange for your future customer’s details. This can be a newsletter, a give-away of information like an eBook, an invitation to a workshop or a class, anything that your future client will find valuable enough to give you their details. Once you have their details make sure you use them wisely! Always try to provide value in all your communication so that when the client is ready to book the appointment you will be their obvious choice as they already have a relationship with your clinic.


4. Retention – Keep your clients loyal:

• Email Marketing

• Social Media

• Mobile Marketing

As a physiotherapist you are in competition not only with other physiotherapists in your area but other allied health professionals. So, once you have converted your lead and they have become a customer, you must invest in keeping that customer loyal to your practice. Obviously you must provide a great service and aid the client on a physical level but you can also keep them engaged by making sure you are communicating with your clients outside of the clinic.

Communication can be achieved;

• Via personalised email marketing campaigns that provide information that is relevant to each individual client, this needs to be a systemised, automated process so that it doesn’t consume all your time and provides great value.

• By keeping your clients engaged with your social media channels through posting engaging content that reflects your brand personality and provides value for the community. When thinking of social media and how to be engaging you must broaden your thoughts to beyond physiotherapy and think about the broader local community, relevant community events, the local weather potential other local business with whom you align and can co-promote.

• By utilising smartphone apps and making sure that your clients not only know how to do the exercises that you prescribe them but actually tracking their progress, thus being kept front of mind at all times.


5. Measure – Know What Works

• Google Analytics

• Google Webmaster Tools

• Social Media Insights

Ultimately, you need to know what works and what doesn’t so that you are not throwing money and time at marketing campaigns that aren’t working and improving on the campaigns that are. The greatest thing about online marketing is that you can measure your ROI! So make sure that you create your Google accounts and keep an eye on your social media insights. Also, keep track of where your leads are coming from, are they converting and are they staying loyal. Keep this data in a spreadsheet. This is one of the most valuable pieces of information to help your clinic become and stay the number 1 physiotherapy clinic in your area.


What next?

Now it’s over to you! No matter what stage you are at, the online marketing process is never ending. Define your practice, access your collateral, measure your marketing activity, refine, engage and grow!


About Author: Anna Osherov is a marketing consultant at Realize Online for Melbourne Physiotherapists. Realize Online is a great source of information and has the capability to help you at every step of the online marketing process. Please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.