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A down to earth digital marketing agency in Melbourne

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Here is a no-fuss digital marketing agency in Melbourne.


ecommerceWhen it comes to retail digital marketing, you want to have experience behind you. You want someone who talks straight, without all the fancy jargon and dust from a bull.

When it all boils down, you want results.

If eCommerce is an important aspect to your business – you can’t take chances with how effective the process is for your customers.

There are many a retail digital marketing team out there who are happy to offer you a long list of eCommerce Digital Marketing tips.

Ask yourself what matters to you and your business. Here are some handy eCommerce digital marketing tips that make sense and make it easy to get better results.



1. Have a mobile friendly website

Remember – 8 out of 10 Internet users are on their mobile device to browse the web.

It’s absolutely essential your site is optimised for mobiles. It’s important to know that sites that aren’t optimised for smaller screens will pay a hefty price. Google has made the decision to reduce the search engine ranking for those sites. Don’t be one of the businesses missing out.


2. Blogging for the future

The strategy of targeting a large number of niche markets with a product or service is nothing new. The success of such ‘long tail’ marketing is still underestimated. It’s not unusual to see a business discover that over 75% of their online traffic comes from blog posts. Some of these posts can be two or three months old. Many SMEs miss this opportunity and dismiss blogging as a low priority in their marketing strategy.


3. Have a LinkedIn Profile that stands out

This doesn’t apply to everyone but having your LinkedIn profile stand out from competitors is a powerful business weapon. Adding little extras like a few symbols to that profile can really get extra attention. Don’t overdo it. This is not the place to be overpromising or complicating your brand recognition. A few choice bullet points or arrows directing focus to your key selling points can guide potential customers to the information you want to promote.


4. Using your LinkedIn profile to boost your SEO

It’s possible to add powerful back-links to your website by customizing links from your LinkedIn Profile to your site. You can tailor the default text to your needs, e.g. retail digital marketing experts, to give your business an SEO boost.


5. Auto-responses to your subscribers

When people sign up to your email newsletter or update, don’t leave them hanging. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with them straight away. By contacting them immediately (or at your earliest possible chance), you can thank them and offer something of value. It’s a positive way to show that they mean something to you and you’re already demonstrating that they matter.

 ecommerce digital marketing tips


A well designed and structured email marketing campaign can do wonders for your bottom line. With the right tools in place, you can send tailor-made messages to any potential customer and anyone who subscribes to your site.

Remember that remarketing can bring remarkable results.

It makes sense to advertise directly to anyone you already have a connection with. This can include everything from a visitor to your website, Twitter and Instagram followers to subscribers from your email database.

It has proven to bring higher returns than traditional online advertising and importantly, at a much lower cost. That’s especially powerful in the retail digital marketing arena.

Twitter Ads are another way you can build your online presence. You can attract followers and increase traffic to your website with specially targeted Tweets right across your target market.

All this is a lot to take in, but there are many avenues where you can grow your business.

The last thing to ask is – where do I start?

Keep it real

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We deliver a service that’s genuine and genuinely effective.

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