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A guide to redesign your website without killing your SEO

he right redesign should make your new website the traffic driving, lead generating machine you’ve always wanted.


What to know for Website Redesign SEO

When you redesign an existing website, it should all be fairly easy and painless. Unfortunately, like any small changes to a website, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

In the worst-case scenario, you could lose most of your rankings and hard-earned traffic. That means a drastic drop in leads and sales all in the one hit.


redesign your existing website


Prepare with Precautions 

Planning is the key to preparation. With the right precautions in place, you will be able to limit the chances of things going wrong with your website.

Before you start the redesign of your existing website, make sure you have a solid plan of the project from go to woah. Having the entire team contribute to the change process can be hugely beneficial.



A few handy tips

When you’re updating website content, have your new sitemap ready for the redesign of your SEO.

You want to avoid losing any valuable SEO.

Make sure you carry anything – and that is anything – with SEO value to the new site. Any of changes to the design should be checked that they are not negatively affecting the SEO.

By digging down to a page level, you will find the content relevance to any of your site’s visitors.

Something as basic as redesigning the blogs on your site with a new layout could weaken the power of your existing SEO.

To help get you closer to that all important first page of Google, you can enlist the professional help of a leading SEO services team.


Make Redirects super correct

If you can follow a basic user experience as a case study, you can ensure all your redirects get new URLs.

Error 404 is to be avoided at all costs. It makes you look like you’re unprofessional and a visitor can be excused for doubting your online processes.

Remember, if you have a complex website, the redirect stage can be very time intensive. The importance of this shouldn’t be underestimated.



A brief checklist for your redesigned website

1: Audit Your Current Website

Taking all you’ve learned from your site audit, you can begin the process of devising how you want your website to work and how you want your website to look.

2: Know the User Journey

Get your test audience to perform a few strategic tasks on the current website/or your new site before you go to launch.

3: Content creation

Create your content first. Without content your site is half baked. All the pretty pictures in the world won’t show your customers what you can do for them. At the same time, writing huge blocks of text will be counterproductive.

Work out what content you need and the ‘voice’ of your brand, then you can get the right visuals to match.

4: Fine Tuning

With your content set and your testing done, you’re all ready to go. Don’t be too precious about it all. With all your pre-launch work completed, you can fine tune the content without the risk of revising the design or needing to push back the deadlines. 

By following SEO and industry best practices, you can redesign your existing website with the extra power to boost your business.


redesign your existing website


Real world thinking for real results

Set realistic goals along the timeline of the project and keep step with how you are progressing and ensure your SEO is included all along the journey.

Try to keep track on when you last redesigned your website. It’s recommended to keep redesign your site every 2 to 3 years to keep up with changes in technology.

Your website can always do with improvements and it’s wise to continually improve your site. With clever tweaks on a regular basis, you can avoid another monumental overhaul.


Keep it clear

There can be confusion about the various ways of updating website content.

If your deadlines are too tight or you’re pressured by unrealistic time constraints, you have the danger of missing parts of the process, or skipping them altogether.

As with building a house, pre-planning and setting the most efficient timeline will save valuable time and money in the long run.

The right redesign should make your new website the traffic driving, lead generating machine you’ve always wanted.

How long was your last website redesign?

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