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A search engine optimization company for you

You know how important it is to have your business ranking on the first page of Google searches.


A Search Engine Optimization company that will boost your business

There are a host of claims from supposed SEO Experts who will do wonders for your business and your overall brand. Their special SEO magic will mean record sales for you.

What about all these huge promises?

Any Search Engine Optimization company worth their weight should be able to:

  • Get you a higher Google search ranking
  • Drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Engage your target audience
  • Not just create leads, but turn them into sales
  • Help grow your business

Let’s examine those one by one.


A Higher Google Search Ranking

Hopefully you know how important it is to have your business ranking on the first page of Google searches. That simple result means you get 70% of Google’s internet traffic.

The business that ranks at the golden No.1 position gets 30% of total traffic Organic search results produced from SEO are more than 8 times more likely to be viewed than paid ads.

That’s the beauty and power of having a Search Engine Optimization company working for you.



Relevant Website Traffic

The key to all website traffic is how RELEVANT it is.

You can have thousands of visitors to your site but if you are not relevant to them, they are wasting their time. This will show up in how quickly they leave your site.

What you won’t necessarily know is how frustrated they were with your site and brand – they may even feel duped into visiting your site. That’s not going to bring any good word-of-mouth.

There is not much point in having 10,000 hits when only 10 of those people go anywhere but the Home Page – and only then for a minute or two.

It is infinitely better to have 100 hits that are interested in your brand and product/service. If even a third of those become actual customers, you have a much higher rate of success and actual sales.


Your Target Audience Engagement

The engagement of your target audience is a key to your ongoing success. Having a website visitor who is interested in what you offer and wants to come back to learn more will mean a more qualified lead. If you can do anything to get a conversation started amongst like-minded people, then you can build the buzz and hype about why you are the best place to go.

With more engagement, you can turn leads into sales. This is the ultimate goal. It’s what can make all the difference to your bottom-line.


Help Growing Your Business

The other advantage and strength of having a Search Engine Optimization company working for you is making the all-important user experience the best it can possibly be.

We’ve all visited a website that was hard to navigate. The frustration builds when you can’t find what you are looking for and worsens when you can’t get to where you want to go. It is only after three or four clicks that the patience of a website visitor will be seriously tested.

Just picture this – you want to buy a blue pair of socks online.

search engine optimization company

You click on a site called – SockWorld

You search for blue socks.

It should be three or four clicks and the order is done – but it isn’t.

You are sent to : Men’s socks – Dressed, Low, Athletic Socks – (but there is no option to choose the Colour) – so you Refine your search – but the results of over 150 different styles – this is then interrupted by a request for your email address – after clicking that AWAY – you finally find a pair of blue socks that fits your style.

BUT, another window opens with Delivery details and shows how much shipping will be to your area.

You’re losing patience and faith in the brand and the user experience has been tedious and unnecessarily time-consuming.

The final nail in the shopping coffin is a holding page saying that orders need to be for 3 pairs of socks or more!

You’re done and abandon the order with the resolution to never go back to SockWorld.

That’s where a Search Engine Optimization company can ensure you don’t commit the sin of frustrating your customers, while making the most of what you do best.

Which Search Engine Optimization company will work to make more of your online presence?

Get a Free SEO audit report today and see what can be done to make more of your business.

The difference is clear. 

The Realize Online team get to know your brand and work with you. This means knowing how to bring you the best SEO results possible.