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Best Digital Marketing strategies for the Pharma industry


How digital marketing strategies work for the Pharma industry

Digital marketing is transforming the Pharma industry in the same way it transformed everything from retail, banking to education and travel.

The Pharma market is highly competitive especially with the scarcity of a physician’s time. Digital marketing strategies for the Pharma industry need to be innovative and continually looking for new ways to engage the target market.

Marketing solely to health care professionals is becoming less viable for the long term. There are changes that affect the role of the traditional marketing and Sales Reps.

There are many factors involved in these changes. A fundamental shift is how Australian GPs show an increase in limiting visits from a Sales Rep.

This trend is backed up by an online survey of more than 200 GPs, (published by Australian Doctor Group).

It showed that:

  • 34% see a rep on a weekly basis
  • 12% once a month
  • 15% see a Sales Rep only once a year.
  • The remaining 29% do not see a Sales Rep at all.

More than 50% of all marketing to doctors – the bulk of which is digital – is now done without the need of a Sales Rep.

According to research from ZS Affinity Monitor – a sales and marketing consultancy – digital marketing has actually overtaken sales force activity for the first time in 8 years.

There are pharma companies, both in Australia and worldwide, who believe the role of a Sales Rep is still critical to their marketing.

It is quite clear that the role of a Sales Rep is not going to disappear completely. It does provide the challenge for them to stay relevant by meeting the needs of doctors and other HCPs. There will always be a need for targeted and relevant communications.

It is no longer about the quality of the personal relationship. The quality of the content and finding the right channel for each specific customer is more important than ever.


The target of digital marketing content

This is where digital content can match the work style, habits and preferred delivery method of the varied HCP target audience.

The other aspect of the changing marketing for Pharma is the access to patients as the end user. The HCP was traditionally the go-between to the Pharma and patient. The shifting Pharma landscape has seen patients able to gain information directly regarding medication.

The audience has grown from HCP’s to include their patients as well.

To reach this growing target market, Pharma marketing needs to find and utilise the most effective digital channels.

The future looks bright for those who are able to make more of these opportunities.


Tomorrow’s digital marketing today

Digital Marketing for the Pharma industry continues to show strong growth. As with all content – it is not about selling a brand or blowing your own trumpet – it needs to be engaging. In the Pharma industry, it is important to be educational and show the content is to help fill knowledge gaps. 

Another key in digital marketing for the Pharma Industry is to be up-to-date. Nothing is more off-putting than information that is out of date or superfluous.

Why share information that an HCP can easily access themselves, or worse, has probably seen before?

 Digital Marketing for the Pharma industry


A few key points to effective digital marketing strategies for the Pharma Industry

A checklist of factors should include:

  • Be relevant
  • Be educational
  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Be clear and objective
  • Be credible

There is a presumption with Pharma marketing that it will be biased. Being genuine and transparent can never be underestimated.

Do you have the talent and tools you need to make more of your digital marketing?



Where to go with your digital marketing for the Pharma Industry

Pharma companies will benefit greatly from content marketing strategies that utilise every content piece across a variety of channels.

As with all marketing, having a clear business objective is paramount. This needs to include the value that the target audience will take from that content.

It can be a complex and confusing process. It is often an overwhelming undertaking. If only digital marketing made sense and got the desired results. It can with the genuine professionals behind you.

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