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Choose Instagram for your next influencer marketing campaign

Why does Instagram dominate?

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 Finding the right Social Media Marketing agency

A social media marketer is able to add value to your brand in various ways.

Finding an influencer who can create a buzz and get sales electrifying is not an easy task.

Where do you start with an effective Influencer marketing campaign? Remember that there is a whole load of influencers out there. They are on any social network you can think of – from Twitter to YouTube, Facebook and others but the fact is that more than 90% of all influencer marketing campaigns are on Instagram.

Why does Instagram dominate?

The key is that there is a dramatically higher engagement on Instagram than any other social network.

Instagram came out on top from several studies. It was an easy winner in which channels deliver the most engaged traffic. It has more interactions per post than other social media platforms. Website visitors from Instagram spend more than 3 minutes on average more than many other marketing channels. In fact, visitors from Instagram stay 45% longer than visitors from Facebook and 40% longer than visitors from Twitter.

It’s the preferred platform for influencers and a more powerful for executing an Instagram marketing campaign. Nearly 60% of micro-influencers say it’s the most effective way to engage the target market.

With all the buzz and bubbles about influencers and the power of an Instagram marketing campaign – let’s take a step back.



New Path to Promotion

In the ‘old school’ marketing idea is to have a celebrity or famous sportsperson plugging your product. Whether it’s George Clooney talking about instant coffee or Beyoncé sipping a soft drink, there is nothing new about using a high profile to get higher turnover.

The change with the advent of social media means that companies can by-pass the huge pay cheque and find someone who is aligned with the industry and product. There are influential people within any industry – it’s just how do you find them? The good thing is that unlike celebrities, influencers can be anywhere and almost anywhere.

Have your influencer marketing approach in place. Start with doing as much research as you can.

  • Be genuine – remember this is not business talking to business – it’s people with people
  • Develop and follow a well-structured schedule with your Influencer

This is not a quick fix and pay option. An influencer marketing campaign is a slow burn engagement. You won’t be paying the influencer to say nice things about you and your product – they will have built their own trusted brand and reputation.

Any digital marketing agency worth their name will tell you that you will need to be careful not to ‘sell’ to your audience – you are engaging them.

Influence is not about getting a direct sale – it’s about recommendation.

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Checklist for your Instagram marketing campaign

Rushing into anything usually ends with trouble. It’s the same for your Instagram marketing campaign.

Taking a full view of what you want to achieve, how you can do it and asking where you want to be heading will make life easier.

  1. Your Target Market?
  2. Work out how you are different and what can you offer?
  3. Budget (include any complimentary products or service you will give away) Timeframe and Deadlines (these may need room for flexibility)
  4. Your Influencer and how you will work together
  5. Keep the momentum going and follow up wherever you can

It’s not a Set & Forget matter. You need to be in this for the long term to see real growth.

Check how much website traffic you are generating, your social media growth and referrals with the key factor – Sales figures. Remember, you can always tweak things as you go.


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The bigger picture

To make the most of your Instagram marketing campaign, you need to ask yourself is your own time best spent on it all.

To maximise your marketing power, it makes sense to engage the experts in the field. Realize Online are the digital marketing agency Melbourne businesses to get real results.

You will get insight and advice without the bluff and babble of fancy sales-talk and jargon.

See real progress with the professionals – that’s the Realize Online team.