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67 Negative Keywords to boost your Google Adwords

We have the ability to use negative keywords which stop spammy or unrelated keywords from being targeted…

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Google Adwords: Negative Keyword List

We have the ability to use negative keywords which stop spammy or unrelated keywords from being targeted in our broad match searches. So why is it that most advertisers don’t use them in their adwords managment? Normally it is because they are afraid that having a negative keyword list will stop them from reaching their full audience. This however could not be further from the truth.


Having a negative keyword list will help you reach your real customers rather than those who might be looking for something related, yet different to what you provide. This means you can get a larger range of keywords which will garner a more targeted set of users coming to your site.

If you would like to use a single negative keyword list over all of your campaigns, you can do that within the shared libraries. This shared library will allow you to apply your negative keyword list to any campaign you like without having to recreate it separately for each one.


We have provided a basic negative keyword list below which you can use for your Adwords campaigns. This should help you create a base for you to use in order to remove certain keywords from your campaigns. These aim to target certain adult keywords, studying/teaching keywords and  job hunters keywords among others.

Negative Keyword List of 67

  • article           
  • articles         
  • book             
  • books           
  • career          
  • careers        
  • class              
  • classes         
  • college         
  • course         
  • courses       
  • craigslist      
  • ebay             
  • employer   
  • employment             
  • free              
  • full time      
  • Hire               
  • hiring            
  • ho to            
  • how do i      
  • info               
  • information               
  • intern           
  • job
  • jobs              
  • kijiji               
  • learning       
  • naked          
  • nude
  • occupation 
  • occupations               
  • opinion        
  • opinions      
  • part time    
  • pay
  • photo                           
  • photos                         
  • pics                               
  • picture                         
  • pictures                       
  • porn                             
  • porno           
  • rating           
  • ratings                         
  • recruiter     
  • recruiters   
  • recruitment               
  • resume       
  • resumes                     
  • review         
  • reviews       
  • salaries        
  • salary           
  • school          
  • schools        
  • sex
  • textbook    
  • textbooks  
  • torrent        
  • torrents      
  • training        
  • tutorial        
  • tutorials      
  • university   
  • work             
  • youtube


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