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How to create User Generated Content Targeted for Driving Sales and Traffic

Boost your SEO into a whole different realm with powerful User Generated Content.

Boost your SEO into a whole different realm with powerful User Generated Content.



Why does User Generated Content marketing work so well? It all comes down to trust.

UGC works because it produces a psychological response called social proof. Social Proof is one of the most powerful of all marketing tools. It’s the influence of those around us have on our own behaviour.

Which makes people assume that others’ actions reflect correct behaviour for a situation. For example, if we see someone slip on a puddle and fall, we’ll likely avoid walking in that area.

A study by BrightLocal found that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews written by other consumers. That’s the same level of trust for suggestions that come from their own circle of family and friends. That’s powerful product promotion.

Why are consumers more likely to follow the advice of other customers? It’s about being able to empathise with the user experience.

Think about it. If you were about to buy a new pair of shoes and a friend told you to make sure you wear them in for the first few days, otherwise you’ll get blisters, you are more likely to believe them and take their advice. Why? Without personal knowledge about a particular subject, we’re more willing to accept the opinions of our peers.

From a customer viewpoint, social proof helps builds trust and increases conversion rates.

When a brand boasts how great their products are, the consumer assumes it’s all sales talk. When an outsider highlights something special about that product, it stands out for being genuine.

Why? Because it is unscripted and (hopefully) unsolicited.



An example would be – Macocco Coffee talks about their Arabica blend and how it has won the ‘smoothest coffee blend in the World’ for the past 3 years. It’s a strong sales promotion but that’s where it ends.

Now, if a consumer writes ‘creamiest coffee I’ve ever had’ and has spent almost a week tracking down what brand of coffee it was – “Finally found out the brand of coffee that blew me away – it’s called Maccoco* and there’s only a handful of cafés that are onto it.”



Even the misspelling of the brand name adds authenticity because a brand would never deliberately let their name be promoted with the wrong spelling.

The consumer has created a truly powerful social proof of the coffee blend. Anyone else who has tried and liked it is likely to join in the conversation. Suddenly a promotion is building of its own accord.

This is the strength of User Generated Content and why user generated content marketing is so difficult to manufacture and manipulate.


What do customers want?

  • basic facts about your products (they expect you to promote those products).
  • No hard sell of those products (this is often a huge turn-off).
  • Knowing that real people are buying and using them and they like them for similar reasons.

It’s the ‘real people’ reason that’s going to get visitors to convert to buyers.



Whilst you don’t want or need to be pushing UGC – there is often content out there that you can use to promote your products.

Regular research on what people are saying and doing with your products is essential to gathering strong user content.

It’s easier than you think to boost your SEO with quality User Generated Content.

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