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SEO Tips from an SEO Specialist

Search engine optimisation strategies are constantly changing because Google’s algorithm is constantly being enhanced. 2015 is nearly here so while you relax during your holidays it may be worth having a think about your plans for the coming year.

How is your current website performing? Are you achieving your goals already? If so, how will you ensure you keep doing so over the next twelve months? Has your website been falling behind in your expectations? If so, now is the time to make the required changes and see how SEO can help improve your businesses visibility.

Evaluate your content

SEO always has and always will be about great content but many websites still do not perform well in this area. One of the reasons for this is that the creation of great content requires skill and time. If adding a blog or set of articles to your website has been on your to-do list make this happen for SEO in the year of 2015.

Even if you have lots of content on your website already, 2015 is the year that you should be reviewing it and improving the quality level of your writing. Avoid adding articles for the simple purpose of having articles. Google understands which articles are informative, relevant to your business and written to engage an audience. If your articles are meaningful for your target market then Google will love them too.

Share on social media

Creating content for real humans is essential for SEO but to ensure that those humans find, read, share and link to it, a strong social media presence is required. At times people have said social media is just a fad but it will actually become more important for SEO in 2015 and the coming years ahead. One of your SEO goals for 2015 should be to establish or strengthen your social presence and showcase your brand online. Use social media to share your blogs, link to articles and interact with your loyal followers.

Optimise for mobile

Smart phones and tablets are everywhere and more and more people around the world are using them to access the World Wide Web. Optimising your website for different devices is essential and while this is not a new thing, it is becoming specifically important for SEO purposes. Google takes note of bounce rates, so if visitors turn away when they hit your poorly designed mobile site, your search engine rankings will be affected.

Quality links

Inbound links are still a major part of SEO but the quality of these links will be more important in the year of 2015. Quantity does not beat quality so building links from anywhere and everywhere may even get you penalised. Aim to develop your brand so that people talk about you naturally and remember that Google now considers ‘implied links’ or ‘brand mentions’ in their algorithm. This means that a mention of your business on another website will affect your rankings, even if there is no direct link involved.

Team up with a skilled SEO provider

Planning, coordinating and improving your SEO can be time consuming and many businesses end up failing because the pressure becomes overwhelming. SEO is a constantly changing field so your business could benefit from teaming up with a quality SEO provider in 2015. You will feel a sense of direction, achieve your goals and know that you have an industry professional by your side. Do you want to make 2015 the year of SEO? Realize Online can make this happen. Talk to us today about finding your business success with the search engine optimisation.