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Improving Quality Scores: Beating Google Ads

So firstly, what’s a Quality Score?

A quality score is a metric rating which Google Ads uses to determine the CPC of your ad campaigns. Google says that the quality score was introduced to give ‘an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing page’. A Quality Score is dependent on the ad’s expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience as well the historical account performance.

The Quality Score rates each keyword in your account out of 10 on the basis of relevancy of your ads and the landing pages associated with that keyword. A good quality score notifies Google that your ad and landing page is of a high quality and that a searcher would be satisfied with its relevancy to their keyword search request. We consider anything above 7/10 to be high and anything below 5/10 to be low.

Remember when thinking about Quality Scores these are the key factors:

Relevancy of the keyword to:

• The search query

• The ad copy

• The landing page


Why Does It Matter?

ROI. Your Quality Score has a significant impact on your PPC campaign success and ROI. A high quality score will gain a high ad position for a lower CPC. That means you can gain maximum clicks from your daily budget. So what am I really saying? The relevancy of your ads and landing pages to search requests will directly affect your quality score and ad rank.

High ranking.

A good quality score and CPC equates to a higher ad rank. A high rank means there will be a greater likelihood your ad will be clicked above your competitors’ ads. It also affects your budget as you will have a greater chance to gain clicks from qualified customers.

Making Google look good.

Quality Score matters to them because it ensures that ads remain relevant to search queries. So they’re providing a good service!


What causes a low Quality Score?

– Ads, keywords and landing pages that lack relevancy

– Having a huge variety of unrelated keywords in the same Ad Group

– Too many Ad Groups directing to the same landing page

– Lack of content on your website

– Webpages aren’t indexed in Google


How do I know if my ads are of high quality?

You can find out the quality of your ads in the “Keyword Analysis” section of your Google Ads account.

DIY – Use this checklist:

• The relevance of my ad to the keyword

• The relevance of my ad to my landing page

• The historical performance of my account

• The click-through rate of my ad


What about my landing page quality score?

Google have stated that there are three main landing page components to determining a quality score. These factors include: relevant and unique content, transparency, and navigability. And this will not only help your score but convert visitors and boost your ROI.

Make sure you create custom landing pages for each Ad Group. Or, if you’re sending ad traffic to your website, ensure it’s being sent to the most relevant page on your site not just the homepage.

Also make sure that you are providing a good landing page experience by using relevant keywords, offers , clear purpose, crawlable text and links to business information pages.


What are some quick fixes I can do now to improve my quality score?

1. Make sure your Ad Groups include similar keywords with no more than 10-15 keywords per group. This will maintain relevancy to your ads and help Google understand the Ad Group’s focus.

2. Optimise your ad’s headline, adjust the description lines and display URL.

3. Set your match types to trigger your ad for specific search queries. Align your match types to your strategies whether it be keywords with a high search volume and low relevancy or a low search volume with high relevancy. The 4 types of match types are Broad match, Broad match modifier, Phrase match, and Exact match.

4. Optimise the quality and relevancy of your landing pages

5. Contact us. We at Realize Online our Google Ads Experts, experienced in maintaining and delivering exception Ads results for our clients and ourselves!



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