Last Minute Digital Marketing Easter Campaign Tips!

Last Minute Digital Marketing Easter Campaign Tips!

With Easter only a few days away most businesses have already prepared to reach out to customers over this key sales period. If you haven’t, don’t worry! Here are a few easy, quick and costs effective ways to utilise your social media and ensure your business doesn’t miss out on the Easter eggcitement.

1. Create Shareable Content.

When creating content for social media keep in mind that social network algorithms aim to minimise advertising however allow content when it feels relevant to readers, this includes stories from businesses. Using shareable content will allow you to gain further reach without affecting your marketing budget!

Pro Tip: The use of Easter Puns will capture audience attention and everyone loves a catchy eggaging pun!

2. Schedule and time your posts.

The Easter Bunny is never late and your posts shouldn’t be either. Ensure you have scheduled your posts before leaving the office on Thursday. There is no doubt Social Media will be full of Easter references this weekend, ensure you stay engaged with your audience.

3. Use Video’s!

Facebook recently surpassed YouTube for the most desktop views per day. Take advantage of this and post Easter related videos! Here are a few ideas: Cute pet bunnies, fun Easter egg hunts or creative ways to eat Easter eggs.

4. #Hashtag

Hashtags are a type of label or metadata tag used to make it easier for users to find posts which are relatable to specific topics. Why not create a hashtag and eggsplore its benefits in helping you promote your services and products. Here are a few ideas: #WhereAreTheEggs #ChocolateWeekend or #YouDontSayNoToHotCrossBuns Get creative and make it fun.

Pro tip: Initial cap your hashtags so they’re easier to read.

5. Pin your Post

If you have a super fun and eggciting Easter post, both Twitter and Facebook allow you to “pin” a post to the top of your wall to ensure it’s the first thing people see when visiting your page. However make sure you unpin the post after Easter so your page doesn’t feel outdated.

If you’re hunting for Easter eggs these holidays, Good luck! But if you’re hunting for new ways to engage your audience and utilise your digital space contact us today.