Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO is optimising your website for search terms related to your locally defined area/city/town/country. Our Local SEO Checklist can be really benefited for your business.

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO is optimizing your website for search terms related to your locally defined area/city/town/country. Unfortunately, while many business owners only need local SEO to run a successful online campaign, they end up wasting a huge budget on national campaigns to get ranked on keywords that have no clear intentions for conversions. 

Do you need local SEO?

If you have a physical business, registered business name, address and telephone number and are catering to a particular area or focus point, you will benefit from local SEO services. This means you could be a:

  • Barber;
  • Florist;
  • Plumber;
  • Mechanic;
  • Restaurateur;
  • Corporate company;
  • Or any business

SEO can be a valuable tool in improving search visibility and targeting the right audience, at the right time. Check out our Local SEO checklist below.

Optimising Your Logo 

When search engine spiders crawl your website, the first element they index is your site logo. Hence, your logo should have alt tags with location related keywords that are specific to your business. An example if you were selling a blue 2012 Camry: “alt=Blue 2012 Used Camry Melbourne”.

Optimise Your Meta Titles and Descriptions 

Meta tags on every page should be optimised with geographic related keywords to improve your visibility in Google. The title should be short and have the location in the first 40 characters for search engines to display. Similarly, the meta description should have the most important keywords in the first 100 characters informing users about what your business does.

Complete Address and Details on the Home Page, About Us and Contact Us Pages.

Visitors trust a business that has a physical location and telephone number. Make sure that you have these details prominently displayed on relevant pages so visitors can easily find and contact you. There is also no harm in adding a Google map on the contact us page to confirm your locality with prospects.

Register with Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places)

When you register your business with Google My Business (also known as Google+ Local and Google Places) your business gets displayed on a map and will also be able to be shown . Your Google My Business listing should be optimised through a keyword-rich description of your services. Once you register, Google will verify your business number and address. 

Be Active On Social Media Platforms

It is important that business are active on social media sites as Google takes social media activity into consideration when ranking sites. Social media allows you to participate and connect with your locality, building a connection with your audience that can lead to sales leads. Please note, when using social media be sure to select the appropriate platform(s). For example, a visually stimulating company, like a videographer should utilise YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram as opposed to Twitter. 


Realize Online has helped small to medium businesses gain traction in Google search terms related to specific cities or areas. We aim to provide a service that analyses trends and challenges of your specific area that we will overcome. Our goal is to get you visible, boosting your sales and conversions.