Make your Ads stand out with these AdWords Tricks That Will Get You Clicks!

Make your Ads stand out with these AdWords Tricks That Will Get You Clicks!


AdWords Ad copy is one of the most important factors to significantly increase your CTR and ROI. A strong ad includes elements like attention-grabbing headings, CTA’s and a good structure. Here are some tips that will help you optimise your ads and boost your AdWords campaign:


1. Present the users End Goal

A consumer’s focus is on what they eventually want from a product or service. This is a key tip in understanding consumers’ behaviour during their online shopping journey. If you were a lawn mowing company targeting the ‘lawn maintenance’ keyword you could include that in your headline and your ad description could read– ‘Get your lawn mown today’.


2. [Insert FOMO here]

By adding a deadline or countdown you can encourage the consumer to purchase capitalising on their FOMO (Fear of missing out). You can include language that denotes a sense of urgency like ‘only for a limited time’ or ‘3 days left’ or you can use Google’s countdown timer.


3. Be specific

When you market your brand, products and services it’s a good idea to include specific details. This will grab consumers’ attention and entice them to purchase eg. If you are targeting a particular style of Nike runners you could include ‘Nike black air max’ in the description. This trick will ensure you get more qualified customers that know what they want and are ready to purchase.


4. Show your Accessibility

Letting your customers know that you’re right around the corner by including your location by using location and call extensions. Even if you’re a well-known global business, you can still influence consumer behaviour and gain clicks by showing them that you are close by.


5. Call to Action

Having a clear, focused, actionable CTA will add a lot of pulling power to your ad. Usually the shorter the better as it will generate a quick reaction. A good trick is to use action-getting words like ‘save’, ‘free’ and ‘get’.


6. Highlight your assets and USPs

What makes you different really does make you beautiful! So why not show off your promotions/service/range? Whether it be free shipping or unique styles; your brand can really stand out by using the ‘exclusive factor’. Use “call-out extensions” to make these appear on a separate line at the bottom of your ad. Not only does this give you more room to advertise your products and services, you can also highlight the reasons why customers should choose you. Speaking of extensions, make sure that you add sitelink extensions which you can use to add additional links to relevant pages on your site.


7. Always include keywords

Whether you only include one keyword, it is essential that your ad remains relevant to the user’s search. Give people what they want! If they want ‘illamasqua makeup’ then include that keyword in your ad copy.


8. Experiment

A/B testing will really help you identify the ads work that work and the ones that plain fail. You should regularly test ad copy material and try different messaging to ensure that you always get a good flux of clicks. Oh and experimenting is encouraged in AdWords because Google will have your back – and you can set your better performing ads to show automatically!


About Author: Hayley Jennings is one of our digital marketing specialists at Realize Online and is passionate about helping clients get in front of their competitors and target customers using strategic AdWords campaigns. Realize Online is a great source of information and has the capability to help you at every step of the online marketing process. Please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.