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The 6 Best tools to help you in keywords research

There’s a no-fuss digital marketing agency in Melbourne who can help you make more of your SEO today.


Where do you find the best keywords research tools?

Do you need a whole kit of tools to be effective?

Why are the best tools the hardest to find?

With help from the experts, these three key questions can be answered and they can guide you through the process.

There’s a no-fuss digital marketing agency in Melbourne who can help you make more of your SEO today. It’s all right here.


best keyword research tools



There are a number of tools online that claim to the best keyword research tools but they can be limited in power, in range and serve different purposes.

For the best keyword research tool for you and your business, it’s a good idea to look for help from the professionals. With experience and expertise behind you, it’s easier to see real results.

Are you capable of understanding and undertaking the journey of competitive keyword research?

This is where you will need to know and trust the ‘organic’ competition element to the tool. You want to be able to see who your competitors are for common keywords. From there, you can delve deeper into each competitor and identify those keywords that you haven’t been targeting and the reasons why you should be.



It is also possible to investigate the Paid side of searches and work out what keywords your competitors may be bidding on. There are a number of tools who can do this but the best keyword research tools offer a wider range of keywords. They can also save a larger amount of historical keyword data.


PPC & Keywords

When it comes to success with PPC, getting the widest variety of metrics is important. Collecting all the information you can about organic search and data regarding ad history gives you a competitive advantage. This is where you need a powerful keyword analytics tool. 


Free Tools

If you can’t afford any of the paid solutions around, then it’s wise to look through the many free tools out there. These offer different features and different results. Search Console is an example. Provided by Google, it offers a wealth of valuable data relating to keywords that would-be customers are using to find your site. As it’s a free keyword research tool, any site owners that aren’t using this regularly are wasting a handy resource. 

This can help you to see what you’re ranking for and what you’re not ranking for.



Never take keywords straight out of a tool then implement them directly. Always – always – review them first. It is madness to take output from a Google tool and drop it into your PPC campaign. The results can be a complete disaster.

There are many costly mistakes that businesses make – like committing some of the most common SEO mistakes. Finding your niche in the market and making the most of it is the key to business growth.


Being Found

How are the general public going to find you?

It makes sense to find the common ways your target audience is searching within your realm and through which suggested answers.


best keyword research tools


Which are the best keyword research tools?

Again, it depends on what you need and what outcome you’re after.

For example, Google Keyword Planner is not always accurate but it can be useful if you’re looking to review the information with other tools.

Does it all seem confusing and overcomplicated?

Do you really know what you’re doing by using a keyword research tool and the results you get? It’s better to leave it to the professionals – experts you can trust.


Keep it real

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