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The SEO experts Melbourne needs

Where do you find the SEO experts Melbourne businesses look for?


Where do you find the SEO experts Melbourne businesses look for?

First off, there are a whole list of supposed SEO Experts around. The make huge claims about the huge gains they can make for your business or brand.

Are these ‘SEO experts’ Melbourne based? Are they a one-man outfit working off-shore? Are they going to have your SEO ‘go through the roof’ for the first 3 months and then leave you hanging for the rest of your 1 year contract?

You will hear all sorts of promises, like:

Get more customers in the next 90 days than you did in the last year!

We’re the ONLY agency that guarantees qualified traffic and conversions!

Boost your sales by 10 times!

Get to Page 1 on Google in just 3 months!

Rank your Business at #1

Will they live up to all the hype? Sadly, it’s almost always a No.


The problems with those SEO experts Melbourne has seen too often

Claiming to get amazing SEO results for your business is one thing. Doing it for a longer period than 3 months is another.

The problem is that those SEO ‘experts’ are usually only experts in boosting your organic traffic and profile short-term. All they have are the tricks (and yes, they are tricks) to show your growth rocketing from almost nothing to a sizeable amount.

The problem for you becomes how to see through the smoke screen of things like “grow your SEO by 900%!”

The first point is to look at where you are ranking with your SEO now and then see where it is heading. If you start low then you want to hope that your SEO will grow. The thing to remember is that if you have 3 sales a week and it jumps to 27 sales a week – that is the magic 900%!

Yes, it is significant but what are those sales and how much revenue has been created? If the 3 sales were for an amount of $200 and the extra sales are for $12 each, then you haven’t even doubled your income. But the agency can still say – “We grew sales by 900%!”.

Real sales results are what matter. That is when your revenue increase significantly and your bottom-line is showing real progress.

Get a real team on your side. Get the SEO experts Melbourne businesses turn to who know your brand and how best to reach your particular target market. You’ll find that Digital Marketing Agency right here.


Digital Marketing that means something

There are several ways to get your SEO heading in the right direction:

1. Optimize your website for search engines and actual users

2. Make the most of keywords that mean something to your business.

3. Monitor everything you can about your online profile and reputation.

4. Make the most of consumers ‘micro-moments’. This is when they are saying: I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy… The information you have for them needs to be super succinct and ready at a moment’s notice.

5. Make sure your content is conversational and in no way confrontational. The hard-sell days are over. Customers want to know that you understand them and that they can relate to you.

Being genuine is all the more important as facts become challenged at every opportunity and trust is slowly being eroded by manipulative sources.

To get genuine results – you need to be genuine yourself. Finding an agency who can follow your belief system and can show you real results is a powerful tool to use.


Getting to the heart of your business

Whatever you can find that gives you an added edge is a valuable asset. It’s the same with your digital marketing agency.

Having your website as mobile-friendly as possible is a good start. Making sure it is optimized for speed is also important. Having both the ideas and the ways to make sure your business and brand is ‘top of mind’ to your target market for now and into the future is the key to your ongoing success.

Get real rewards and real results with the SEO experts Melbourne trusts.

Get the Realize Online team on your side and see a better return on your SEO investment.