Watch out! Google’s Mobile Algorithm is Coming

Watch out! Google’s Mobile Algorithm is Coming


Time’s running out for non-mobile-friendly websites, Google’s new algorithm is about to shake things up. For what is already being referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’, the algorithm is set to hit websites hard after its launch on April 21, 2015.

If you’re not ready in time you could suffer the full wrath of Google; losing rankings and losing traffic. Not to mention, the missed opportunity to outrank your competitors.



Why is Google doing this?

Statistics show that mobile searches are on the rise which explains Google’s push for mobile-friendly sites. Google wants to provide its users with high quality search results that are mobile-responsive.

They have been emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendliness for a while now. In October they introduced the Mobile Usability Report, helping Webmasters optimise their sites.


Why is being mobile friendly important?

By improving your customers’ mobile experience you will ultimately improve your website’s rank. Google’s Mobile Usability Report can help you do this by alerting you to any mobile incompatibility errors. The report highlights:

The way your website looks on a mobile device

When your customer uses a mobile device to access your website they expect it to be consistent with the desktop site. If they are constantly pinching the screen to view images and text they are going to become frustrated and will leave. Google will see that your site isn’t mobile-friendly and has a high bounce rate; leading to a lower rank.

Having the same URL for your website

Some non-responsive websites have a sub-domain with a mobile-specific site. E.g. “” (responsive site URL) versus “” (mobile site URL)This creates duplicate content on the web which makes Google’s job harder; doing two rounds of crawling. It also affects users who will need to use different URL’s when sharing and linking content. Google will take both factors into consideration when ranking you.

Keeping your links

When you’ve got a responsive site you won’t need to worry about rebuilding links- you’ll retain them from your desktop. All of your links will add to the quality of your site, strengthening your organic rankings in Google.

Your SEO strategy

The good news keeps on coming! A responsively-designed website will not require a separate SEO campaign. Unlike desktop and mobile sites which need two campaigns and requires more work.


If you have received a mobile usability report your site’s rankings will be in jeopardy. Instead of being another casualty of the ‘Mobilegeddon’, use this month to avoid Google penalties and get a leg up on your competitors. Contact us today and we can get you ready before the algorithm strikes.



Offer ends 3rd of April 2015.