What is PPC?



PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a way for advertisers to market on the internet by paying a fee every time their ad is clicked. PPC basically means that instead of earning visits organically, you can simply buy visits to your site. Some forms of PPC include Google AdWords, including both Search and Display Advertising, Bing Ads, and Facebook marketing.

Companies aren’t charged to display their ad in a search however they will have to pay once their ad has been clicked.


Who to target?



PPC Advertising in Google Adwords or Bing PPC advertising directly targets those who are actively searching for keywords associated with your industry, products and services. The advertiser or campaign manager will decide which specific keyword phrases are popular for their industry and then they’ll set up a maximum budget.

For Facebook PPC advertising you can target users based on the information in their profile such as age, gender, marital status and interests.


Campaign focuses



In order to prepare for an effective PPC campaign you’ll need to make sure that your keyword phrases and/or demographic factors are relevant and significant. You’ll also need to ensure that your landing page is optimised to a high quality - containing relevant content that is engaging, tailored to the search query and has a clear call-to-action.

In Google AdWords, all of these aspects play a role in the Quality Score of your company which is essential to your rate of CPCs and authority. Google rates you with a score based on the quality and relevance of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. If you have a high Quality Score you will be rewarded by Google by paying less for each click that your ads gains.





The neat thing about PPC especially in Google AdWords is that you can actually track your conversions and monitor your budget accordingly. While organic search is just as important- PPC can really drive traffic to your website and show immediate results. Google and other PPC platforms offer tracking tools which allows you to see the number of people who view and click your ads.You can also see the actual sales that your website generates as a direct result from your ads.





Once your PPC campaign has been fine proofed and all specific factors and relevant keywords have been utilised; users will click on your ads and be taken to a page that satisfies their specific search queries. This is the optimal result for a PPC campaign; to provide users with a positive experience that gains you significant conversions, increases your Quality score and reduces your CPCs.

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