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Where do you go for the best SEO?

SEO that makes your traffic flow. 



There are a lot of agencies out there that claim to know how to help get your search engine optimization going through the roof – but there are very few true experts in SEO.


Content is still King

Whoever first said that the content is the king, remains true even today. People assume it was a phrase coined by Bill Gates in 1996. As is often the case, a famous person is given the credit for something they didn’t do.

The phrase ‘content is king’ dates back to the magazine publishing industry more than 40 years ago. It wasn’t until a little thing called the Internet grew through the 90’s when the phrase became one of the most popular slogans going around.

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing.

The key is quality not quantity.

Having strong content on your website is not just important, it’s imperative. It’s integral for your SEO and the success of your online ranking.

Research shows that when survey participants were asked to select which marketing activity that would make biggest impact on customers in 2018. It’s no surprise that content ranked the highest.


Quality Content

There are a few common mistakes that brands make with their content.

The reasons why these mistakes are still prevalent is due to the simple fact that whoever is in charge of the website and overall marketing is not doing their best.

Here are a few checkpoints to help prevent making crucial mistakes.

1. Unify The Content

This means using the same brand voice and styling throughout all your content – and yes, we mean ALL content. From a brochure to an automated email to web content – it all needs to have a uniform feel. If there are conflicting voices, then the message to customers is getting muddled and you are making it harder to get the best results.

2. Talk To Your Audience

Any content needs to be written for your target audience. You are not writing for yourself or your employees. Your content needs to be readable and rewarding to your target market. Inform, add value and engage that market in the strongest possible way.

3. Point Out Your Point Of Difference

Make it clear exactly why you are the best place for customers and why they can rely on you to get exactly what you say you can provide. The buying market is naturally a little cynical about special deals and hard-selling. If you make it clear why you are different in simple terms, then prospects will see their choice as simple.

4. Keep it Real

Being genuine is a key selling point – especially in an increasingly flooded marketplace. A true voice and way of dealing with customers will reap huge rewards.

Getting content working for you is one thing. Making that content easily accessible and readable is another.


Look, Read and Reward

The most underrated part of content marketing is Design.

The best content in the world is great but if it looks like a dog’s breakfast, who will read it?

As an example – There are some well-designed websites, then some who… well, design is not shining through and then there are sites that are something that belongs in a shame file.

Shame that they wasted time and money on a design like that and shame on the person who created it and the person who approved it.

You can see how easily you can bring a product or service unstuck by poor design.

If it looks anything like this…

        experts in seo

…you’re in big trouble.

A common problem is that there is no-one in the company who has the ability or chance to say that the content and the website design is not working. That’s where professional help is worth its weight in gold.


The Pros of using the Pros

Having a professional team behind you means you can power ahead.

With a team of writers, web developers and online marketing experts at hand, you can make more of your time and resources by concentrating on your target market.

Trying to do it all yourself is a dangerous tactic.Let the professionals take care of your SEO right across the board, so you can be sure your online presence is bringing in every opportunity it can.

The Realize Online team are in the business of helping make the most for your business.