Content Marketing Will Drive Sales

Content marketing is the buzz term of the moment. And for good reason. Businesses that succeed in developing timely, relevant, non-promotional content reach potential buyers both directly and through the most persuasive channel of all: word of mouth. Content marketing helps people to know, like and trust your brand.



  1. What is Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing is creating and sharing valuable content that leads to brand awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition. The content you create is aligned to the products or services you provide, but in a non-selling way. You’re informing, educating, building trust and demonstrating value.

    When thinking about the term content marketing, many people probably think of ‘blog posts’. Actually, all forms of digital communication count as content marketing, from a simple email to the right “influencer” through to an entire website with hundreds of thousands of articles.

    Our digital marketing team understand why ‘content marketing’ works and can develop a strategy that most impacts your business goals.


  2. How to do Content Marketing?

    At the heart of content marketing is the premise that by providing consistent and helpful information to prospects at the right time, they will ultimately reward your company with their purchase and loyalty.

    Start with a strategy and then focus on the process and design of publishing that content. Develop information your buyers want to read. Think about your niche audiences. Think about different personas. When you know and understand your target audience you can craft content specifically for them.

    Effective content marketing requires you to think like a ‘publisher’ and less like a ‘marketer’. In terms of a simple process think of it this way:

    1. Identify and define a critical group of buyers.
    2. Determine what your prospects really need and how they want to receive it.
    3. Publish that information in a way that drives action aligned to your business goals.
    4. Measure and refine.


  3. Businesses need to reach customers in a new way. And that way is content marketing.

    The Internet has fundamentally changed the customer buying journey. In our ‘always connected’ digital world, people now go online to research, compare prices, read reviews and ask their friends. And this is not only the case for B2C companies, but also for B2B. Businesses need a content marketing strategy to reach new customers at different stages of the buying cycle. Having only a bold claim on a web sales page, just won't cut it anymore.

    Finding the time and resources to write and design quality copy can be a challenge for even large sized businesses.

    The key to successful content marketing is having clearly defined goals and a strategy that is clear about who your writing for and what problem you’re trying to solve for them. Combine that with a consistent schedule of a few hours writing per week, and in six months time, you’ll be amazed by the gains you’ve made over your competitors.


  4. Content Marketing Builds Authority

    Another less obvious benefit of delivering meaningful and timely content, is that in that process, you build a brand association for your organisation as a ‘thought leader’. In truth, many larger organisations do content marketing purely for this purpose, but there’s no reason at all why smaller businesses can’t also do this.

    Regularly sharing valuable content helps build your reputation as an authority in your industry, and more likely than not will turn browsers into buyers.


  5. Content Marketing Impacts Your SEO

    With a high proportion of people using search engines like Google to discover and research products and services they’re interested in, it pays to rank as highly as possible. Rarely do people go past the first page of search results.

    If you have a content marketing strategy and you’re creating great content that people need and want to read, then it’s content that Google wants to rank highly in their search results.

    In fact, creating relevant and valuable content (not too generic) on a specific topic on a consistent basis, will lead to your business being regarded as a ‘thought leader’. Search engines like Google recognise this over time, rewarding your domain with higher search rankings.

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  6. Effective Content Marketing For Measurable Results.

    Do you want to know more about content marketing? Do you want to know what you should be writing about, what channels you should be publishing on, how it will boost your SEO and how will it grow your business?

    It's been said that 'content marketing', is 'the only marketing left'. Not sure what we mean?

    Get in touch and our digital marketing team can help you develop a content marketing strategy that will drive traffic and boost revenue.