Benefits of Google My Business

Benefits of Google My Business

So, you’ve heard of a Google My Business listing, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time? Check out our blog to find out why you need a GMB listing for your business. 



So, you’ve heard of a Google My Business listing, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time? Well, if you want your customers to find you, it is. Not convinced? Fair enough – keep reading and we’ll go through the benefits of Google My Business – after that, the ball’s in your court.

What is a Google My Business page? Check out this video for a quick rundown on GMB.



SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to a number of tactics that you can use to make your website show up in Google search results.

If you run an electrical business, you might want your website to show at the top of the search when people type in “electrician” in the engine. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Unfortunately, there are heaps of factors that can affect your Google ranking – one of those factors is location.

As a part of our local SEO services, we highly recommend that every business has a Google My Business listing.

If you have a GMB listing, you’re way more likely to appear in search results when a person is located in your service area. You’ll also appear when people search for the key term (electrician) and your location (Melbourne).

These listings appear on the sidebar or above the rest of the search results – so it’s well worth the time. There are a number of things you can do to make sure your listing ranks – contact us now for more information about GMB optimisation. It’s all a part of our local SEO package.


One of the best benefits of Google My Business is the ability for customers to provide reviews. Reviews are essential when a customer first discovers your business – if they’ve never had any contact with your company before, they might be wondering if you’re trustworthy.

A quick scan through your Google reviews will give a potential customer the peace of mind they’re searching for. What about bad reviews? Don’t sweat it – if you’re not happy with a comment someone has left on your page you can flag an inappropriate review with Google and ask them to take it down.

Google actually prioritises accounts with reviews, so be sure to encourage your clients to leave you 5 stars!

Google Maps

Just like its effect on SEO, the benefits of Google My Business extent to Google Maps. This means that when someone uses the map app, your business and its location will appear, helping users find the best local option.


Your locality will give you a competitive edge over other potential competitors. If your customer is in your area and they find your listing, with great reviews and useful information, they’re likely to contact you and find out more.


One of the handy benefits of Google My Business is its flexible nature. You can access the listing on tablets, computers, smartphones, and desktops. Making changes to your listing is simple and pretty much instantaneous. Your customers will have the added bonus of being able to find you no matter what kind of technology they’re using.

It’s Free

Did we forget to mention that it’s free? Considering the value, you can get out of this free service, we think your GMB listing is a pretty good deal. All you have to do is verify your listing and you’re ready to go – and if you get sick of it you can delete your account whenever you like.

Does Google My Business Work?

Well, that depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to be seen, engage with your customers, and generate website traffic – then the answer is a resounding yes! If you want more information about GMB, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help your customers find you.

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Author: Anna Clark – Copywriter & Digital Marketing Assistant, Realize Online