SEO eCommerce Services in Melbourne

   Realize Online are experts in ecommerce search engine optimisation (SEO). We have dramatically increased the organic rankings and traffic for a number of big brands across a number of e-commerce platforms and our guys know exactly how to optimise your website to help you dominate online. 


Ecommerce SEO is absolutely vital for the survival and success of today’s online retailers. The majority of consumers use search prior to making a purchase online. A study by leading SEO giant MOZ, found that 67% of search engine users click on one of the top 5 search results, and less than 6% click on results past the first page.


Ecommerce SEO is unique because you have hundreds or even thousands of products, which means hundreds/thousands of keywords and phrases you need to rank for. 

SEO for online stores is multi-dimensional. There are 2-3 main types of keywords you must target to attract the maximum number of potential customers:

  1. Online Stores Queries – ‘Buy Water Skis Online’
  2. Product Queries – ‘Men’s OBrien Slalom Skis’
  3. (If you have physical stores) Physical Store Queries – ‘Water Ski Stores Brisbane’

Structuring your website and making it SEO friendly for all these types of keywords and phrases is no small task, but an essential one if you are to become a market leader. Our guys have the technical know-how and experience to rank your website to attract maximum traffic.


Waterskiers World have two physical stores (Brisbane & Rockhampton) and sell nationally through their online store.

After developing a digital marketing strategy to suit their business goals, we got to work optimising their website for 100 different keywords, building sophisticated pay per click campaigns and setting up conversion tracking to ensure we could accurately track their return on investment. In just 8 months, we increased their traffic by 13,803 visits (39.91%) and they ranked on the first page of Google for 51 different keywords.


Realize Online offer a wide range of online marketing services for ecommerce websites that will help you dominate online. More than just ecommerce SEO, we make sure we cover all the bases to ensure you are always ahead of your competitors.

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