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With over a decade of Joomla! experience at Realize Online we offer the full range of Joomla! services. We provide consulting, troubleshooting, re-design, re-builds, updates, maintenance, security fixes, extensions, support, hosting and more to meet all your online needs.

Why should I go with Joomla!?

Initially a CMS for a small business or even personal site may feel like overkill. However it quickly becomes apparent just how practical Joomla can be!

By having a CMS you onlly need to login and start typing to update their website.

No messy coding, uploading asp or html code, the only uploading you will need to do is clicking on your favourite photos or new promotional material in order to display it.

Not only is Joomla’s interface incredibly easy to use as a content author but it also has a massive selection of available modules, plugins and components that help expand its usability.

Ease of administration

Joomla makes it is easy to administer your website even for less experienced users. That is why it is so popular among small and medium sized business.

Knowledge is the key to success

Our vision is to provide direction, continually educate and inspire. We see knowledge and education as the key to the competitiveness of our and your projects.

Are you ready to be a part of the world’s most popular opensource CMS?

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