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Magento Shopping Cart Software

Magento is shopping cart software that enables small to multinational businesses to sell their products and services online… 

With a full tool kit of shopping cart software tools, Magento has smashed their competitors with a phenominal amount of features which are growing constantly. 

So what can Magento offer you?

Magento Product Management

A Chance to get Your Products Seen… the way they should be

Display your products or services the way they should be… the way you want them to be! Most ecommerce platforms and shopping carts have so many limitations on images, custom descriptions, product specifications & design that you’ll find yourselg selling your products short. Magento CE allows us to show off your products in their full glory with customisations for most any situation, even on a per product basis! 

The Ability to Communicate With Your Customers 

Building a customer database is never easy but with Magento CE all of your customer’s information is stored in a secure, easily accessable database. From simple information like their location & email address to what they have bought, added to their wishlist, and even looked at! Wouldn’t life be easier if you could see what your customers are interested in and be able to offer them exactly that!? 

Simple, Safe & Secure Payment Methods

Reduce customers changing their mind at the last second and online shopping paranoia by presenting multiple easy payment methods through trusted & secure payment gateways. Numerous payment options increase your chance of sales, does everyone trust the same payment methods? Simply put.. No! So present your visitors with the way they like to pay with Magento CE’s wide range of payment options. If Magento CE doesn’t offer it as standard we’ll find the solution.

Your Brand & Products Visible to Thousands of Potential Customers… Every Month!

Thousands of people are shopping online right now and they’re using Google to do it! That’s right, more people search through google for products than anywhere else online. Get your site to the top of the front page to really make an impact on your target market and get your products seen. Magento CE, with the right configeration, can enable you with the power to not only acheieve this but to stay up there as the master of your domain!   


Sound too good to be true?

Our clients thought so too until they realized just what Realize Online can offer. We’re proud to say we’re your Magento experts and we’re ready to give your business the selling tool it needs, are you ready to see what we can do?

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