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Magento Speed Optimisation Services

What is Magento Speed Optimisation all about?

When it comes to load time, faster is better and your website needs to be as quick as it can be or you will lose customers and ultimately revenue.

A one second delay in page load time equals up to a 7% loss in conversions and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Offering users a fast experience is essential in online shopping. If your site isn’t performing at optimal speed your customers will likely leave. With around 90% of people using the internet to find businesses, products or services you don’t want to get left out of the race because your site lagged those few extra seconds. Make sure your site is optimised for speed!

Speed Up Your Magento Website

For we achieved a 112.30% improvement for their website page load time. We also improved page load time by 40%.

We are committed to ensuring your website performs at optimal levels for conversions. We don’t take a “one size fits all approach” because we know each site is unique and requires individual investigation on what may be hindering that fast load time.

Our approach to speed optimisation is based on industry best practice ensuring the results are clearly measurable.

Time is Money. Run faster with our tactical approach.

More often than not developers will throw in more resources to try and make your website faster. We believe that to make a website reliably faster for all users and various devices it is imperative to utilise front and back end optimisation techniques which are proven to yield results.

Let our Magento experts get to work for you; to increase your site speed time dramatically. Our optimisation strategy and methodology is built on proven practices and results.

  • Reduce page load size
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Remove unnecessary Magento functions
  • Server optimisation for speed
  • Optimise theme code base and theme extensions

Page Load Time Impacts Your SEO

Optimising pages so that they load quicker is listed as a best practice in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Especially with the recent roll out of Panda (Googles newest algorithm update), page load time is weighted more heavily than ever before.

Increased time on site pages correlates with increased engagement. If your site doesn’t load in a timely fashion you risk users bouncing from your site completely – consistently high bounce rates can negatively affect SEO rankings.

So get in touch with us to increase your page load time and improving your SEO with our focused Magento Speed Optimisation tactical plan.