One Step Checkout Magento Extension

Keep losing customers at the checkout? Minimise the obstacles between your customers and their shopping cart with a one step checkout Magento extension. Conversions are a priority for any eCommerce business – encourage your customers to follow their buying impulse with a simplified checkout process. 

At Realize Online, we are Melbourne Magento experts. We can help you optimise your Magento website with a range of specialised extensions. Extend the capacity of your website today with the help of our experienced team. Through consultation, we will choose the right extension for you and install it in your site. 

Benefits of a One Step Checkout Magento Extension

27% of abandoned carts are attributed to a long or complicated checkout process. In one case study, a one-step checkout outperformed a multi-step by 21.8%. Your current checkout could be costing you thousands of dollars in conversions.

One step checkout allows for the normal 6 step Magento checkout process to be combined into one simple step.

This drops the checkout time from 5 minutes down to 30 seconds.

Minimise the obstacles between your customer and the checkout. The time your customer spends in the checkout process is the time your customer has to reconsider a purchase. Aside from squashing an impulse buy, a difficult checkout process can deter customers who simply can’t be bothered dealing with your website. Invest in user experience and simplify the shopping process today. 

  • Increased conversions 
  • Trustworthy checkout 
  • Capture customer details for future sales
  • Enhanced consumer experience 
  • Analyse and Track conversion rate 

Magento One Step Checkout Features

This extension is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Magento website. At Realize Online, we will find a checkout extension that ticks your boxes. Our team of web developers can make customisations to ensure your needs are met. Access the following range of features with a Magento checkout extension:                  

  • Secure online checkout 
  • Advanced shipping options 
  • Delivery estimation 
  • Gift wrapping options 
  • VAT calculation for the EU 
  • GST calculation for AU & NZ
  • Compatible with over 40 payment gateways 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social media login
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Customisable options 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • 40% faster than default Magento checkout 
  • Compatible with other Magento extensions 
  • Compatible with Magento 1 and 2
  • Multistore support
  • Customisable design options 
  • Set default values for checkout fields 
  • Geolocation detection & Google Address suggestions 
  • Quick account login 
  • Direct checkout from product or cart page
  • Gift card and promotional codes
  • Access to updates
  • Subscriptions  

Our team monitor the marketplace for any new extensions to ensure you get the best Magento checkout extension for your website.  Take a look at the checkout page our team optimised for

Replacing a drawn-out checkout process, our team installed and customised the right one step checkout Magento extension for the Plumbing Sales team. With design choices that blend the extension into the existing site, customers can breeze through the secure checkout process in seconds. 

With configurable shipping options, we were able to meet the client’s needs – customers can choose to pick up their items from the warehouse or choose a shipping method. SecurePay, Paypal, and credit card options are clearly available in one easy location.  

After installation, our team tested the new extension to ensure functionality. Let our team customise an extension for you today. 

Do I Need A Magento Checkout Extension?

If you have an eCommerce website and you use Magento as your CMS, we highly recommend this extension. Whilst most Magento websites have a functional checkout process, it is worth putting some extra effort in to make sure you get as many sales as possible. A one step checkout Magento extension is a perfect addition to any eCommerce platform, and we have seen success in a wide range of businesses – from clothing retailers to plumbing parts and supplies – this extension is applicable to any industry.

If you think your website might be suffering because of a multi-step checkout system, you can log into Google Analytics and check the traffic and bounce rate in your checkout. If you need help accessing this information, contact us and we can help you locate the data. Are you interested in our Magento one click checkout services?