What is Magento

Magento enables small to global businesses to sell products and services online. The Magento packages consist of: Magento Go, Magento Community Edition & Magento Enterprise. All of which are tailored to the size of your business.


At Realize Online, we tend to favour Magento Community Edition, because it has all the features required by small to national businesses without the need to purchase a $15,000 a year licence. With an ever exapanding  tool-kit of sales and administration features, Magento has smashed their competitors.


What can Magento Community Edition offer you?

Magento Product Management

Get Your Products Seen - The way you want it

Display your products and services the way they should be and the way you want them to be! Most ecommerce platforms and shopping carts have many limitations on images, custom descriptions, product specifications and design leading to misrepresentation of your products. Magento Community Edition allows you to showcase your products in their full glory with customisations for any situation and on a per product basis.

Contact customers through with Magento Community Edition

Communicate with your Customers Effectively

Building and maintaining a customer database is a complex task. But with Magento CE all of your customer's information is stored in a secure, easily accessable database. From simple information like their location and email address to advanced data such as purchased products, what they added to their wishlist, and even what products they have looked at. You can then respond to this information by following up with an individual offer or special promotion for your customers. This increases your purchase conversions while decreasing the number of 'abandoned shopping carts'.

Magento Ecommerce Safe and Secure

Simple, Safe & Secure Payment Methods

Reduce customers changing their mind at the last second and online shopping paranoia by presenting multiple payment methods through trusted & secure payment gateways. Numerous payment options increase your chance of sales because not everyone trusts the same payment methods. So present your visitors with the way they like to pay with Magento CE's wide range of payment options. If Magento CE doesn't offer it as a standard we'll find the solution.

What is Magento ecommerce

Your Brand & Products Visible to Millions of Potential Customers Every Day

Millions of people are shopping online right now and they're using Google to start their search! Magento CE includes a variety of SEO techniques and tools to assist you ranking high on all the major search engines. Have your website on the top of the front page to really make an impact on your target market and get your products seen. Magento CE, with the right configeration, can enable you to stay up there as the master of your domain.  


Sound too good to be true?

Our clients thought so too until they saw what Realize Online and Magento can do for their business. We're proud to say we're your Magento experts and we're ready to give your business the online selling tool it needs. Are you ready to see what Magento can do for your business?