Marketing Automation Solutions

At Realize Online, we understand that the best way to stay competitive is to stay current on marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. That’s why we offer marketing automation, one of our most rapidly growing services. When we implement marketing automation solutions for your company, we work closely with you to design and follow up on specified strategies and objectives that bring you as closely as possible to “best practice” for your campaign.

We’ll identify leads and then nurture them, and we’ll give you the tools you need to meet your sales goals and succeed. More companies than ever are using marketing automation – today’s your day to come on board.

The Marketing Automation Process


We set a game plan and precisely identify your goals, as well as strategies to attain those goals. We discuss how marketing automation plays into this


Next, we examine your existing lead management processes, if they’re already in place. If not, then we take it from scratch. We examine and determine every aspect of how leads are identified, qualified, scored and nurtured.


Our team helps you ensure that your marketing content and other assets are properly aligned with your target buyer demographic. Your leads are properly targeted and hopefully attained as buyers.


We continue to review and refine the process until it is functioning as desired for your organisation. Our team wants nothing less than best practice for your marketing automation implementation.

Why Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the fastest-growing customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in five years (Focus Research). Most importantly, organisations using marketing automation enjoy an incredible 451% increase in qualified leads (The Annuitas Group), many of which convert to sales.

If you’re not using marketing automation now, your qualified leads are suffering. Realize Online can change that. Give us a call today – our experts are waiting.