Case Study

Eleven40 Studio Gallery

Eleven40 is a photography studio that can be used for a broad range of photo, film or TVC production requirements

Eleven40 Studio Gallery


Eleven40 needed a custom content creation system that allowed continuous modification of their site. They wanted an exclusive customised layout that would support all elements of their business.

A required request for the CMS for Eleven40 was the ability to adapt the content on a Joomla CMS for different site pages. This meant content that would appear on the homepage, news page and gallery would all be different in both visual and written presentation, enabling Eleven40 to present user with relevant content across different pages of the site.

Eleven40 Studio Gallery


We used a Joomla template and adapted it into a more dynamic responsive design that was compatible across all internet browsers and varying user devices. We designed the layout of the website was distinctively for Eleven40.

Eleven40 Studio Gallery


Our web development team customised the Joomla CMS to allow content to be dispersed across various pages in their site. Site content managers could effortlessly upload news across all pages of the site with ease, this included updating existing content and inserting multimedia images.