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Australian owned and operated since 2011, Jelly Beans is now a global retailer of the crowd favourite jelly sandals. 



Their existing setup didn’t involve a site targeting the USA which prevented the company from tailoring site content and functionality for their USA visitors. This was stopping Jelly Beans from operating effectively as a global retailer.

Additionally, Jelly Beans’ existing eCommerce site wasn’t responsively designed, causing Jelly Beans to lose potential customers as their site wasn’t user friendly on mobile and tablet devices.



To enable Jelly Beans to take on the USA, our design and development team transformed Jelly Beans’ existing site to a Magento multisite. This allowed Jelly Beans to tailor content, payment and shipping methods and the product catalogue to meet the site's content and functionality requirements for multiple countries. 



We optimised the existing website to be flexible and user-friendly on all devices using industry best practices. The product selection page was designed to be user-friendly on all devices creating a streamlined shopping process for customers.

CMS Pages were also optimised for mobile devices using industry best practices, enabling administrators to easily update and manage products and content on the go.



SEO Campaign



Jelly Beans had no online presence in the U.S.A and wanted to gain rankings that would attract American customers.



We restructured the site for SEO content, optimised products (on page optimisation), created quality content and blog creation (with focus on sharable content), and conducted authoratative, industry-relevant link building.



We took Jelly Beans from having no page 1 rankings in (out of the 100 keywords) to 65 keywords ranking on page 1. Jelly Beans became the no.1 market share holder in the industry.


Results after 5 weeks of a Realize Online SEO campaign


  • 5 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions of Google US
  • 2 more keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google
  • Traffic increased by 68.25% compared to the previous period
  • AND most importantly, transactions increased by 111.59% with the conversion rate increasing by 25.75%


Results after 12 weeks of the campaign

  • 12 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions Google US
  • 8 more keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google
  • All traffic to the site increased by 226.83% compared to the previous period (before the campaign started).
  • Organic search traffic increased by 225.37% compared to the previous period.



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