Jims Building Maintenance

Jims Building Maintenance



Jim’s Building Maintenance is a branch off the Jim’s Group and has established itself as a worthy competitor in the handyman and building services arena. 



Jim’s Building Maintenance required assistance in achieving higher rankings and a greater market share in Google. 



We developed a dynamic SEO and 100 keyword strategy, which included 80 ‘primary’ keywords and 20 ‘secondary’ keywords.

On page optimisation was accomplished through optimising the current content on their page including keyword-rich blog articles. We also conducted off page optimisation by applying high-quality, industry relevant backlinks and off page SEO monitoring and analysis.  



Through our SEO strategy we effectively improved the site's visibility in Google while affirming their brand and increasing their market share. 


7 months after Realize Online SEO campaign 


  • 13 keywords in ‘hyper traffic’ (positions 1-3 of Google)
  • 13 keywords in ‘traffic’ (positions 4-10)
  • 26 keywords on page 1 of Google.com.au
  • 83.72%  increase in organic traffic compared to previous year
  • The number one SEO market share holder in their industry


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