PLUMBING SALES – New Website build

The task was to build a new website for the online business. WHY?

The site needed to be sleek, easy to navigate and make the shopping experience as easy and efficient as possible. This is not a traditional retail online store where a customer is typically browsing through a range of items.

A majority of visitors to the website will know the products they are looking to buy and will be checking the price and the specifications.

With thousands of products to choose from, the customer needs the ability to find what they want easily and make their purchase as quickly as possible.

Any problems in searching and especially in the Checkout stage could be fatal for a sale. 

The SEO ranking needed to be more than making it on the first page of Google – the target was to be a clear #1 in any search for plumbing supplies.


Getting Sales Flowing

With the ongoing improvement in SEO ranking, Plumbing Sales was able to build a name as not just one of the leaders in plumbing supplies, but the leader. 

As the ranking increased and the website became a stronger lead generator, the sales took on a new lease of life.