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Questions to Ask Your Potential SEO Company

Some so-called SEO experts will try and insist that they know about SEO, but the fact of the matter is…

What is your focus?

Some so-called SEO experts will try and insist that they know about SEO, but the fact of the matter is, they really don’t care about the content that is involved. Because of the influx of people and companies that abused the old keyword-based algorithms, Google and other search engines decided to change their algorithms to very complicated processes which include the number of viable links, the flow of the web pages, the type of content, and how “valuable” that content actually is. If your Melbourne SEO company doesn’t care about content, then you want to start looking elsewhere.

How do you feel about the initiatives and algorithms that have been put into place by search engines like Google?

As mentioned above, too many people abused the old algorithms by paying for link baiting and other practices that resulted in a lot of useless web pages on the first page of certain keyword searches. Instead of giving you benefits for being overly optimized, search engines actually started penalizing companies in their algorithms. By asking your potential SEO company what they think about this and how they work with it, you can find out exactly what they are focusing on and how respectable the company is.

How do you take care of links and content in an organic way?

Organic and natural are two words that are not only catchwords in the healthy eating world, they are also important to the SEO world as well. As algorithms change and morph into more effective ones, finding natural and organic ways to build links is vital. If you talk to an SEO company about link building and they try to give you all these “surefire” ways for link building, you’ve likely found the wrong company to work with. Ones that actually know what they’re doing will give you an answer that usually involves months of work and some work on your side, as well. This goes the same for content; if you are offering quality content, but then get linked to websites that don’t matter or aren’t related to your business’s area of expertise, you’re not going anywhere in the SEO rankings. By seeking out what they mean about quality content, and how much it matters to them, you’ll see how honest they are and how up-to-date they are on the newest algorithms and ideas in SEO.


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