Be Seen On The First Page Of Google

SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation" is all about making your website more visible in Google.

Our SEO services comprise a range of tactics and methods that are applied to your website and on other websites to make your website more visible to Google. This way your website pages will rank higher within Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) for your keywords.

Today, if your website is not visible on the 1st page of Google then where are you?

Millions of people do hundreds of millions of searches in Google for products and services every day. And the websites with good SEO programs in place have hundreds of keywords on the first page of Google which then bring in hundreds and even thousands of sales and leads to that website.

So, are your competitors winning and profiting from search engine optimisation? Or are you?

167 Keywords On 1st Page Of Google

Jim’s Test & Tag engaged Realize Online for SEO services in April 2015. At the time, they had only 15 relevant keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

Over the previous 4 years, they had spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing using radio, print and TV. But none of it had worked to increase their service leads to support their 170 franchisees across Australia who relied on new leads to grow and support their individual franchise businesses.

The SEO program we started and are running for Jim’s Test & Tag Australia had achieved 167 keywords rankings on 1st page of Google at the end of December 2016. Overall, the optimisation work combined with an integrated digital marketing campaign Realize Online had been running for Jim’s Test & Tag Australia delivered a 17% increase in leads during 2016 compared to 2015 across Australia. This was the first tangible growth in leads this franchise business had experienced in 5 years.

How Many Keywords Does The Average Agency Work With?

20 Keywords…? 30 Keywords…? 30 Keywords…?

But why not ALL the keywords? Why only work on a handful of keywords? The SEO services that Realize Online offers work with an ALL Keywords list for your site. This is typically 400 to 3,000 keywords but is different and customised for each website.

Our SEO services include the following processes and methodology:

  • We research and “map” a list of ALL the relevant Keywords that are unique to your website.
  • Our attention is on ALL of the Keywords you need or want in Google.
  • We work on the search engine optimisation for ALL of your website ranging from the most popular and competitive to the less used and higher converting keywords.
  • We include ALL of your Keywords to cover your services and/or your products plus your niche or area of expertise.
  • We plan and engineer the “SEO architecture” for your website.

This is why ALL of our plans are custom built to your website. This is why our search engine optimisation work is not only guaranteed to succeed but why our plans and services are logical and uniquely better value than any other agency in Australia.

Need Better SEO Services?

Unfortunately, there are a large number of companies and freelancers who claim to be experts but who use outdated practices. At best, they give SEO companies a bad name like a “second-hand car salesman”. At worst, they cause immeasurable damage to website rankings and reputation in Google, killing sales for their unlucky victim.

But sometimes you may have just run out of patience with your current SEO company because you are not ranking where you want to be


Our dynamic strategy and methodology is built on proven foundations and practices. We see and know that Google is evolving all the time. And your competitors are also moving against you all the time to try and outrank you. So we can’t stand still. We can’t just follow the same recipe each month and expect that you will see results. So we don’t. We evolve the SEO services we provide each month for you based on where your site is up to in Google, based on where your competitors are up to and based on what is the next best step to put forward. And this works.

More than anything, we target ALL keywords which typically ranges from 400 to 3,000 keywords for you.

But most other agencies only target 5 or 10 or 20 keywords. And it’s not about the cost per keyword – although we much better value there too – it’s about the strategy and about the impact in Google for what Google and your customers are expecting and are searching for. There is a bigger risk in targeting only 10 keywords compared to targeting 755 keywords with a dynamic strategy given how people search for so many different variations of keywords compared to years ago.

How Do SEO Plans Effect Keyword Rankings Over Time?

  • The more work we do per month, the faster the rankings grow.
  • The higher the SEO plan, the more work that gets done each month.
  • The more work we do, the higher the Keyword Competition Level that the plan can target or achieve.
  • This is also like training to be an elite footballer or sportsperson where you train full time just to be able to compete at that level – compared to training once or twice per week to play sport in a local amateur competition.
  • In other ways, search engine optimisation is like building a house because if we put in a lot of hours into the building each month then we get more done in one year than if we go slower;
    • IF we do 3 hours of search engine optimisation works per month, then that is equal to 36 hours per year.
    • THEN compare that to if we do 20 hours of SEO services per month, that is 240 hours per year

Search Engine Optimisation Plans Versus Keyword Competition Levels

NOT all keywords are the same. Some keywords have a HIGH competition profile and some have a LOW competition profile etc. Usually, the more web pages that are targeting a keyword, the HIGHER the competition profile is for that keyword.

For most small businesses, SEO services have become expensive because there is so much competition for the top keywords which are generic and short like “handyman” or “cleaning service”. LOW competition does not mean a small number of searches every month. It varies from industry to industry.

Every website will have keywords at different competition profiles. Low competition profile keywords often have a higher conversion rate for leads and sales.

The level of competition for the targeted keywords indicates how “difficult” or how “easy” the challenge is for getting your web page onto the 1st page of Google for the specific keyword.