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Dynamic SEO Strategy

ECommerce SEO ReportsWe are a local, Melbourne-based digital agency specialising in ROI-driven SEO services.

We believe that to achieve real quality SEO that has long-term foundations and ROI you need a marketing driven holistic approach. That’s why our experienced team of SEO experts have developed a dynamic and results-driven SEO strategy that adjusts each month to changes in Google.


Why dynamic SEO services from Realize Online? 

Our SEO experts have years of experience of working with several Australian clients and we are always working out in delivering top notch SEO services adjusting with Google penalties such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Over the past few years, Google has been releasing major algorithmic updates to better refine search engine results, thereby affecting millions of websites in rankings and lost traffic.

A dynamic SEO strategy can be compared with regular maintenance of your car. Just like your car needs regular maintenance including oil & filter change, and maintenance of small issues, the same is true with the website.

Our Dynamic SEO strategy is based upon monthly maintenance of your website/ecommerce store/blog so that you not only avoid penalties but also continue to enjoy targeted traffic and higher conversions. Our Dynamic SEO is focused upon improving and refining your website to keep abreast with the latest algorithmic changes. We also manage and follow new trends and update your site in accordance with keywords, blog posts, and fresh content. 


Our dynamic SEO strategy enables us to:

  • Create a balanced mix of keywords that are being optimised
  • Keep Google happy with no obvious “SEO” being done on just a few keywords
  • Minimise the risk of losing clicks to natural fluctuations of competition rankings and provide a better ‘spread’
  • Focus on the most appropriate keywords for that month – dependent on product and seasonal changes, competition rankings, SEO market share, etc.


Getting a site ranked for specific keywords is hard, but surviving that position after Google updates is even harder. This is where Realize Online comes in to help you. Here are some key points of our services:

  1. Optimization of 100 keywords – Our Dynamic SEO strategy involves optimization of 100 keywords of your website with an 80:20 ratio of primary and secondary keywords respectively.
  2. Competitor insight – We regularly monitor and analyse your top competitors for their SEO strategies and keywords that they are targeting. This includes in-depth reports such as competitor backlinks, SEO efforts and much more, etc.
  3. On page optimisation – We regularly update and optimize your content and create new articles/blog posts as deemed necessary. This helps in increasing your site indexation rate, traffic, and rankings. Moreover, your site gains trust and credibility in your niche by getting regularly updated as per Google guidelines.
  4. Off page optimisation – We have a clear no-nonsense link building strategy. Instead of making your site more vulnerable to Google penalties through activities such as link farming, we only generate high-quality and industry-relevant links back to your website in a natural process. We analyse and maximize your social presence by making your content go viral. Our off-page optimize process involves competitor analysis of link-building versus yours. We also check to see how many links have been broken and fix them so that your rankings stay unaffected.
  5. Dynamic monthly reports – It goes without saying that we produce dynamic SEO monthly reports highlighting our SEO activities and progress in terms of conversions and traffic to your website. You get to know everything.


A dynamic SEO strategy is paramount to the success of your online business. Not many SEO companies understand the importance of dynamic SEO. Let Realize Online’s Dynamic SEO experts be your guide in achieving online success.



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