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How Can I Spot an SEO Professional?


With the increasingly digital world we live in there are more and more people advertising their service, to advertise for you. Digital agencies are cropping up everywhere with the same promise, top results for an SEO campaign that will skyrocket the visibility of your site and increase your traffic tenfold. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The reality is, the beauty and flaw of the internet is that people can truly advertise themselves as anything, and when gambling with the success of your online presence, it’s important to be able to spot a true SEO professional. Here are a few tips to help spot a professional that will truly enhance the quality of your site and business.


They Scale their SEO Strategies to your Business

A good digital agency will develop scalable SEO strategies for clients that have both new and existing companies. They’ll ensure that the SEO campaign tackles both technical and content-driven challenges that are specific to their business rather than utilizing a predetermined or “cookie cutter” campaign strategy that requires little to no knowledge of the business.


They Utilize all Aspects of Marketing

An SEO professional will try their best to support your organic SEO and social media with the right strategic framework when it comes to content marketing.They will utilize the materials you have that are already beneficial for your business and expand upon them. Be wary of a company that doesn’t mould your site’s framework around the content marketing.


They Offer Performance Based SEO

Performance based SEO or pay for results SEO is a service where a client only pays for their SEO once they have achieved their desired rankings. Across the industry, performance based SEO has received negative stigma due to those SEO companies who resort to poor practices to gain quick results. However if you find real SEO experts who also offer normal SEO services you will be able to see their dedication in delivering qualified long-term results, and this shows in the skills they offer you.

At Realize Online, we are SEO professionals and are able to create a campaign that will effectively increase traffic to your site and incite buzz around it, but we don’t stop there. We give your business the opportunity to generate rankings and succeed at SEO by engaging with SEO professionals. We deliver real results that will help your business achieve your online marketing goals. We create campaigns and sites that reach users, spread products, and connect communities through our ever growing digital world. Contact us and one of our expert team members will contact you shortly.