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SEO Migration Service

Is your website moving or changing CMS? Well, make sure you tell Google before you go anywhere! An SEO migration strategy will ensure your site doesn’t simply disappear to the world. It will help retain your authority in Google by redirecting existing content and links to your new website. If this process is not done adequately your site could lose more than just rankings.



What is SEO migration? what-is-seo

SEO migration is the process where an SEO expert strategically plans and implements existing URLs to a new domain.

Search engines know your website by the URL’s that exist. If you create a whole set of new URL’s you’re basically starting a website from scratch. All of your history, link popularity and authority will be lost, not to mention a significant loss in rankings and revenue. The process of rebuilding and recovery will take much longer than implementing a SEO migration strategy prior to your move.





Who needs it? who-needs-seo-migration

If your business website is moving to a new domain, or migrating content across to a new CMS then you should seriously invest in an SEO migration plan. Losing your organic rankings and potential conversions are not worth the shortcut.

If you successfully migrate to a new site in a short time with permanent redirects then Google will be able to crawl your website and preserve your ranking and authority.






What we can dowhat-we-do-seo-migration

We implement a migration strategy to maintain or increase your site traffic and rankings. This strategy involves a content audit, content matching, and the redirecting of links and URLS.

We know how to successfully migrate URLs and content. Our main objectives in our SEO migration strategy include maintaining and improving your rankings, traffic and link popularity. We want to keep your user experience and search engine visibility at a high level.