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Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the world use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter? In a recent survey, 69% of people use social media to get marketing information. 89% said they generated greater business awareness with social media management, while 62% reported a rise in search engine rankings after using this platform for more than 2 years.


Social Media can be seen as a separate channel to traditional marketing channels and often as a replacement but our view is that it is complimentary to your inbound marketing systems. Social Media is best used to create powerful connections from your business to your consumers and acts as a way of developing sustained competitive advantage by showing consumers your core competencies through social channels.

However, social media management is not easy. Each social network provides different challenges and opportunities and we do not take their management on lightly. Developing separate strategies for each network is essential and each has to be designed to fit in with your overall offline and online strategies to ensure that they are supporting and maintaining your key values.

Results-driven social media marketing management

Where do you begin?

Begin by requesting our Social Media Strategy plan and see how you can better engage your customers. Then, after we have worked out your strategy, we will use our industry skills to drive those social fans into paying customers.

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