Social Media Marketing

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have hundreds of millions of users so why not target customers that are using these platforms?

With our social media marketing management services, we’ll show you how engaging in interactive conversations and posting interesting content can have a greater effect than you can imagine.

  1. What is Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to directly communicate with their customers via social networking websites. It can generate interest in your brand, service or product and if done right- can lead to significant website traffic and conversions.

    Getting a ‘like’, ‘share’ or comment creates a higher reach of brand exposure. We can get you to this stage of interaction with expert design and setup of custom business profiles and campaigns.

    Join your customers in the social space and bring a human touch to your brand.

  2. Increase brand awareness

    If your business hasn’t ventured into Social Media Marketing then you are missing out on huge opportunities for profits and brand awareness.

    Building brand recognition will increase your reach and generate more publicity. If more people see you then you’ll become more familiar and trusted.

    SMM is invaluable when it comes to brand marketing. We can help you increase your brand reach by growing your social media channels and developing better content that will give you a boost in ‘likes’ and ‘views’. We can help you choose the sites that will suit your business so you can start reaching out to them.

    If you’re wanting to communicate with your target market? Then get social!

  3. Drive traffic to your website

    Promoting your business through social media can really drive visits to your website, and that means an increase in your natural rankings!

    We manage and conduct strategized social media campaigns that are designed to bring people to your website.

    We know how to promote you.

  4. Build and develop online communities

    What better way to promote your brand’s customer service and reputation than building your own online community? Online communities are a great way to socialise with your niche-specific industry. From blog sites to rate and review forums. We’ll show you how conversations with people interested in your product/service; can be used to promote your business and generate brand loyalty.

    If you’re ready to give your marketing a more personal touch and see your brand retention increase then get in touch with us today.

  5. Analyse Your Current Performance With A Social Media Audit


    Get started with a social media audit for your website. For just $149, one of our social media experts will complete an audit of your social media activity and build a report of your scores. From there, you'll be able to see where your strenghts and weaknesses are and decide what and how much work needs doing to 

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