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With regular technical SEO improvements, your website can achieve high rankings and maintain those rankings. Our team are experts in the digital space. We have in-depth understanding of technical SEO and how to improve it to achieve even higher rankings. We’ve done this successfully for a long list of Clients and we can do the same for you. Speak to us today.

advantages of technical seo improvements

When your business has a digital presence, you want to ensure you can easily be found by your target market and that the user experience is one that converts.

With Realize Online improving your technical SEO, your site can benefit in 5 key ways:

  • Higher performance
  • Increased rankings
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased usability
  • Opportunity to convert potential customers into actual  paying customers

If you’re serious about your business, getting help from digital experts is the first step.

choose realize online to improve your technical sEO

what is technical seo?

There are 3 types of SEO: On-page, Off-page and Technical.

Even though technical SEO is essentially a type of on-page SEO, we separate it because it has to do with the infrastructure of the website. It’s the process where the technical areas of your website are optimised to make it easy for search engine bots to find, crawl, understand and index your pages. These bots do this to determine how high your site should be ranked against other sites.

Why you need regular improvements?

The technical side requires ongoing improvements because of the nature of the ever-changing search engine guidelines. The goal posts keep moving, so you need to keep up with that.

Just some areas of technical SEO include:

  • Robots.txt. Checking and optimising your robots.txt This is a file in your website that instructs search engines as to which web pages they can crawl and add to their index
  • Loading time. Ensuring your site loads quickly. Nobody wants to land on a site that seems to take ages to load. You can use tools such as PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix to see how fast your web page loads. An optimised load speed is under 1 second. To do all pages at once you can crawl your site with tools such as Ahrefs Site Audit
  • Mobile friendly. Ensuring your site is optimised for mobile phones is critical, most people are searching from a mobile device
  • HTTPs. This is an encrypted version of HTTP. Using HTTPS protects the communication between your browser and server from being intercepted and tampered with by attackers. Apart from being safer, it’s a light-weight ranking factor you need

As a part of doing this, you need to check there are no other technical issues.

Technical SEO issues

Improving technical SEO includes identifying and fixing any technical errors your site may have that are holding it back from higher rankings.

If there are site errors, Google and other search engines are having difficulty accessing your entire website. If they can’t view it properly, it won’t be ranked.

The links in your site need to be working. If there are URL errors; such as a website that no longer works, a webpage which was moved without a redirect being added, or the URL structure of a website being changed, when customers click on that link nothing will load. This is not only bad for user experience but also bad for your credibility and rankings.

By checking for technical errors, you’re putting your site back on the map.

Help your website get the rankings it deserves

With Realize Online improving the technical SEO, your store will be in a strong position for higher rankings.

Our web developers have extensive experience with:

  • Coding
  • Tools to analyse your website
  • Improving technical SEO
  • Tracking down technical errors
  • Improving user experience
  • and more

For all SEO improvements speak to our team. We can help your website get real results.

Search engine optimisation is one of our specialities

When you engage Realize Online for technical SEO you’re accessing a team of digital experts with an in-depth knowledge of SEO, and the tools required to make the critical improvements.

The end result will be a website that is:

  • Easy for search engines to find, crawl, understand and index
  • Highly ranked
  • Easily found by your audience
  • Offering a better user experience
  • Ready to boost sales
  • and more

Contact our expert web developers today to see what we can do for your site.

the difference with realize online

Over the years the majority of our Clients have come to us because they’ve been burnt by others, or they’ve been overwhelmed by some hard sell sales tactics and let down.

What makes us different is that we genuinely care and try harder. We listen to the concerns you have. We avoid any sales spin, and minimise the jargon to make things as clear as possible. There’s no pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go, just honest advice in your best interests.

Ready to improve your websites technical SEO?

With Realize Online, our team works with you every step of the way during the project to ensure all the boxes are ticked and you get the best results.

The services we offer can include:

  • Design mockups of your site with all enhancements
  • Testing of the site across mobiles, desktop, and tablets
  • All search engine optimisation
  • All site analytics, including your store’s performance against your competitors
  • Ongoing support

Ensure your business has the best chance to grow and succeed in the digital space. Contact us today.

If it's to do with optimising your website our team can help

Whether it’s technical SEO improvements, theme development, working with expert web developers or joining forces with the leading digital marketing Melbourne experts, speak to us today and realize your online potential.

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