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Mobile Friendly Websites


Smartphones! They’re everywhere, and an increasingly important factor for businesses with websites. People are using their phones for everything these days, it’s no longer necessary to jump on to a computer to search for information, and it’s in your phone with a few clicks and swipes.

The likelihood that a user will switch to a computer when they come across a site that isn’t visible on their phone isn’t very high. After all, with the internet, we can search for the services we need, products we want, and people we know in less than a second. We have a multitude of options, and it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out in the sea of web content that’s constantly growing. What’s the solution for this? Mobile friendly websites.


A mobile friendly website


Google recently rolled out a new feature for its search engine that detects and labels websites as “mobile friendly’ based on their features. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, a user will know before they even think about clicking through to your page. This makes it imperative that your site is mobile friendly, if you’re hoping to maximize the capabilities of your site. 


That’s where we come in


We’re a full service digital marketing agency with over a decade in the business, and so much more. We live and breathe web design and development and are dedicated to creating campaigns that not only illustrate who you are, but do more than that. We create campaigns and sites that reach users, spread products, and connect communities through our ever growing digital world. Your success is important to us because, well, our success is directly connected to it.


Are you ready to maximize your site’s potential? 


Contact us and one of our expert team members will provide you with informative advice and strategies to help your business succeed. We’re ready to create a site that will effectively reach mobile users who are currently missing you!


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