• 44% customers would tell a friend about their slow online shopping experience
  • Even a 2-sec delay can lead to customer leaving the website 87% of the time
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  Why your website needs speed optimisation

A slow loading website will produce many negative impacts on your website. 


Negative impacts on your:


User Experience

Conversion Rate

Bounce Rate

AdWords Quality Score


Furthermore, speed (or user experience as a result of speed) is also a Google ranking factor. Therefore, improving the speed of your site is one of the most effective ways to improve its performance.




What you will get with speed optimisation


Lightning Icon Increased speed
Improve the download speed of your webpages from web hosting servers to enhance usability and user experience



Arrow Icon Improved search engine rankings
Organically gain more exposure and visibility to potential customers through SEO


$ Higher conversion rates
Generate more sales and leads through better user experience and increase usability





Types of speed optimisation we offer

SEO speed optimisation

Magento speed optimisation

WordPress speed optimisation

Custom web speed optimisation

Joomla speed optimisation




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   How we will increase your website’s performance

HTTP requests minimisation

Code minification

CSS delivery optimisation

Prioritise visible content

Plugin minimisation

Minimise redirects

Image optimisation

Image CSS sprites


Browser caching

Reduce server response time

Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)






Who our clients are


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How much it will cost

Speed optimisation pricing varies according to the website and requirements. Prices typically range from $700 to $1,800.

Speed optimisation usually requires multiple solutions / services in a step-by-step process. This process aims to progressively decrease the page load / site speed. We will review the results and reports after each step required to assess and plan the next step, with appropriate priorities and quick wins being identified in each progressive step.

Speed optimisation works or steps will typically increase the speed and load times of each webpage in a website. However, speed optimisation will not automatically make every page in a website all load in the exact same amount of time, as there is commonly different content and functionality in each page.


Here are some examples:


Example 1

Website Speed Optimisation Works

The aim of this job was to increase the load speed of this site. The following are the tasks that were worked on to increase the page load site speed times:

    • Reduce the number of page requests on the homepage.
    • Reduce the total page size.
    • Optimise images, CSS and JavaScript.
    • Identifying further front end work that could be completed beyond the above tasks.

*As the site is a responsive design site, the fixes listed work for both mobile and desktop devices and page speed results.

Price: $750 (+GST)



Example 2

Magento Speed Optimisation Works

  •          Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

o    Test which JavaScript files we can delay loading without causing any errors/issues.

o    Once assessed, then plan and complete the JavaScript that can be delayed in the loading to be after the above-the-fold content.

  •          Reduce server response time

o    We would ensure MySQL, PHP is optimised.

o    Note - APC Caching is already active on the site.

o    Enable Magento Caching.

o    Enable Compilation if it can be enabled without any errors. (Note - If there are errors additional work may be required to fix them before enabling.)

  •          Prioritize visible content

o    The site has device specific content (e.g. On home page, slideshow on larger devices and a static image on smaller devices). This can be structured to be loaded based on the device.

  •          Optimise images
  •          Minify JavaScript and CSS

o    This job will further compress and minify the site files which will result in less of a time to first byte.

o    Note - in a lot of cases minifying JS gives conflict errors. We will minify JS only if it can be done without causing these conflicts.

Price: $1,743 (+GST)



Example 3

Speed Optimisation Works

The aim of this job was to increase the website load speed of this site. These are the tasks that were worked on to increase the page load site speed times:

    • Compressing resources
    • Optimise images
    • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    • Leverage browser caching
    • Minify JavaScript
    • Minify CSS
    • Minify HTML

Price: $1,575 (+GST)





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