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The Best eCommerce Web Hosting Platform for Small Businesses

Choosing the right solution for your unique store can be tricky without industry expertise. Let us talk you through the content management system (CMS) that is taking small businesses by storm – Magento.

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you looking to move your business online? You must be searching for the perfect eCommerce web hosting platform for your website. Choosing the right solution for your unique store can be tricky without industry expertise. Let us talk you through the content management system (CMS) that is taking small businesses by storm – Magento.



Why choose this CMS?

Magento is the perfect platform for small businesses who want to take their store online. It was crafted especially for eCommerce websites and allows users to create a store that suits their needs. When you use this CMS for your online store, you will have access to a wide range of benefits, including the following:

• website hosting with shopping cart functionality

• keep up with consumer trends with the ability to customise and extend your site

• innovation is readily available with dedicated web developers

• ability to boost sales and minimise costs

• advanced SEO functionality so that you can increase your website’s organic traffic

• mobile friendly configuration

• support of multiple payment methods

• flexible product configuration to allow for seasonal shifts

• wide range of built-in eCommerce online shopping features

With such a wide range of benefits, you can see why so many businesses use Magento for the eCommerce solution. If you want a dynamic, adaptable website, the choice is clear. Watch your business flourish with a platform that can grow with your business.


Magento Web Hosting

To optimise the functionality and speed of your website, it needs to be hosted on an appropriate server.  Magento hosting needs to occur in a secure environment with monitoring to ensure optimum website functionality is possible. Even if your business is small, there is a large amount of data involved in hosting and managing products.

Most small businesses invest in third-party hosting services. This means that a company with the necessary technology and services will store your website data on their server and allow your site to be viewable on the internet.


Common eCommerce Challenges for Small Businesses

Choosing a content management system should be influenced by your unique business requirements. The following examples are common challenges for online small businesses. Each challenge can be solved through Magento extensions and third-party management.

Shipping & Tracking

If your website only offers limited shipping options, you could lose sales. With a Magento site, you can install custom shipping extensions or commission a development unique to your requirements. International shipping options are a must in most eCommerce websites. Forget any fear of the international market – domestic limitations could be costing your business in the long run.

Website Visibility

Guiding the right customers to your website requires a number of marketing tools. After you have the right solution for your eCommerce web hosting needs, you should invest in digital marketing strategies that increase the visibility of your site. For organic traffic, you will need a dedicated SEO program. For paid traffic, you should consider investing in an AdWords campaign.

Website Security

When you use Magento for your online store hosting needs, you are investing in a secure platform. On average, 30,000 new websites are used every day to distribute malicious code for cybercriminals. This means that a number of innocent small business websites are vulnerable to criminal code distribution. This can decrease the visibility and reputation of your website. You can work against hackers by hiring a third party to host your website and monitor the web server software. Preventative measures include developing your website with secure code and choosing the right web hosting service for your business.

Mobile Compatibility and Responsiveness

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, this can negatively affect your ranking with Google. A website that is not mobile compatible and responsive can deter online customers. M-commerce (or online shopping via mobile) is predicted to loom over traditional eCommerce websites in market share value over the next 3 years.

the best ecommerce web hosting platform for small businesses

You can install a range of mobile-friendly extensions that make transactions simple on a mobile device. One of the greatest advantages of Magento as a platform is its ability to adapt. You can keep up with consumer trends with endless extension options that are small business compatible.



Now that you know all about the best web hosting platform for small businesses, you can get started on your online project. At Realize Online, we offer a full suite of Magento eCommerce services so that you can manage your project with one expert team.


Author: Anna Clark – Copywriter & Digital Marketing Assistant, Realize Online