Web Hosting Services

Having a strong hosting system is one of the most important things for your business website. You want your website running optimally and consistently. If for whatever reason your site is down you don’t want to be waiting for your web developer to contact the hosting company while you’re losing dollars. We don’t just handball responsibilities. We run our clients hosting plus we offer managed and secure website hosting that’s based in Australia.

  1. Managed service

    You’ve got enough on your plate when you’re managing your business, the last thing you should worry about is finding someone to frequently jumpstart your website. We offer a managed service with all of our web hosting. Our expert team will be responsible for all maintenance, service and management of your hosting. Unlike other web developers we don’t just palm off hosting to a third party, we take responsibility for it- ensuring that your site is running smoothly. You don’t need to worry about your website when you have your very own management team fixing the problem before you’ve even noticed there was one!

  2. World class hosting security

    Our web hosting is coupled with a proactive security approach where we provide regular monthly backups and keep updated with your CMS system’s latest bug and security patches. Let nasty viruses, Trojans and hackers be a thing of the past- we’ve got you and your website covered with world-class systems designed to protect you and your website.

  3. Australian Servers

    Our Australian servers are housed in a first-class data centre in Sydney. Australian- based servers run up to 40 times faster than web hosting that relies on U.S servers. Australian carriers also have a massive network space and capacity which is great for data and disk space allowance. We’re in a great location to provide excellent access times and fast and reliable connectivity for target audiences in and near Australia.

  4. Support based in Melbourne, Australia

    Our head office is based in Melbourne where we have an expert team ready to handle any issues or questions that need to be dealt with. Our friendly and reliable staff are fully trained in providing professional advice and solutions.

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